FreedomPop offers its FreedomPop 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, and 500MB 3G/4G LTE Data Monthly Wireless Service for free each month when you bring your own device and pay a one-time activation fee of 99 cents. (You'll need to activate it on an unlocked device you already own using the device's MEID number.) Plus, you'll initially get a FreedomPop Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB Data 1-Month Trial, FreedomPop Premium Plus 1-Month Trial, and 1GB of Bonus Data for free. Excluding the activation fee, that's a savings of $43 for the freebies, not to mention that you could be saving hundreds of dollars each year compared to using other wireless carriers.

Note: Be sure to cancel your free monthly trials before they expire; otherwise, you'll be billed $32.98 for every additional month.