Disney Movie Rewards offers 5 Points for free when you sign in to Disney Movie Rewards through its Facebook app and take it's Disney Challenge, the answers are listed below. That's the best points offer we've seen from Disney Movie Rewards since three weeks ago when we saw a coupon for 5 free points. They are usable for buying Disney movies, music, and more through Disney's site. The questions and answers:
  1. What is the name of the hummingbird that communicates with Pocahontas? Flit
  2. In which year is the Aristocrats set? 1910
  3. What is the first Disney live action movie with an outer space theme? Moon Pilot
Of note, there are bonus round questions, but those are not necessary to receive the 5 points.

Update: At Disney Movie Rewards, claim 25 points for free via coupon code "DUSTY".