The Indie Gala offers downloads of its Indie Gala Magicka Bundle for Windows for whatever you want to pay. If you opt to pay the bare minimum of 1 cent, you get only You Are Empty, but that's a savings of $10. Choose to pay $1 or more and you also get Trine, a savings of $14. Contribute more than the average (which, at the time of this writing, is $5.53) and also receive Cities in Motion, Deponia, Magicka, Painkiller: Black Edition, Home, Magicka Vietnam, and another game yet to be revealed. That's a savings of at least $77. Your contribution can be donated to charity (AbleGamers or Gala Project X), the developers, Indie Gala, or a combination thereof. A Steam account is required for many of these downloads. Deal ends January 25 at 6 am ET.