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Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow is a freelance journalist specializing in lifestyle and consumer issues. In addition to DealNews, his writing has appeared on many websites, including and Aol's He was an editor for the popular as well. Barlow is a past membership director for the American Motorcyclist Association and was the Founding Director of one of the nation’s largest week-long bicycling events, The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. Wearing another hat, Barlow is also a widely published fiction writer, with his work appearing most recently in the Best New Writing 2011 anthology and Digital Science Fiction.

Tom Barlow's Most Recent Features

Power Tools for the Garden: From Chainsaws to Leaf Blowers

Who doesn't love a beautiful lawn with perfectly uniform grass immaculately manicured? These outdoor landscapes involve hard work, planting, cultivating, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. Fortunately, we live in an age where power tools can alleviate some of the hard work necessary to bring about a handsome garden and lawn.

Get Cycling This Summer with the Proper Biking Gear

You'll find that bicycling longer distances can present a physical challenge, manifested in sore feet and hands, a sweaty body, and a tender posterior. That's where the proper clothing and equipment specially made for bicycling can come to the rescue. Consider donning the gear of a bicyclist and your miles will be much more fun.

How to Be Prepared for a Power Outage: Provisions and Preparations

With air conditioner season arriving in parts of the country, blackouts could be close behind. Be prepared for a power outage with these supplies and provisions.

Green Thumb 101: The 10 Essential Tools to Get Your Garden Growing

For those with green thumbs, there's nothing quite like getting one's hands dirty and planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to mark the beginning of spring. But for the newbies, we've compiled a list of 10 essential gardening tools, along with some deals that will leave plenty of room in your budget for seeds and plants.

Money Does Grow on Trees: How Planting a Tree Can Save You Money

Trees aren't just good for the environment, they can save you some green too. We look at all the financial tree-planting benefits, from energy costs to property value.

Cutting it Down to Size: Tips for Buying the Best Lawn Mower

When spring rolls around, the resurgence of that lush beautiful green in your yard comes at a price: lawn care. Even if an afternoon spent manicuring the lawn isn't your idea of fun, there are a variety of lawn mowers available to make your job easier.

The Path to Discounted Hiking Gear: 10 Trail Necessities

Spring has arrived, and for much of the country this means warm days for delightful countryside hikes. Here's a checklist of supplies you probably want to have on hand for both casual and advanced hiking.

Tools for Your Car in Case of Emergency

It's almost a law of nature that your car will break down only during the worst conditions, when it's cold, windy, or slushy out. Are you prepared for auto problems that come your way, or will you be stuck out in the rain, waiting for help to arrive? We've compiled this list of the necessary tools and supplies you should make sure you never leave home without.

How to Dress for the Elements During a Winter Hike

Staying warm indoors while quaffing brews and watching sports on TV might seem appealing as the temperature begins its winter descent, but that doesn't mean you should go into complete hibernation. You can embrace the season on a winter hike, and all you need are the right clothes ... and maybe some snow.

Prepare Your Car for Winter with Snow Tires and Emergency Supplies

With airfare costs on the rise — and airlines cutting back on space and services — you may want to consider spending Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays closer to home. But there are more driving dangers this time of year, so to ensure the safety of you and your entourage as you embark on your holiday travel plans, take the necessary steps to winterize your car now.