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The Best and Worst "As Seen on TV" Products

By Mitch Lipka, dealnews writer

Once upon a time, items adorned with the "As Seen on TV" label meant the products weren't very good. Sure, some of these over-advertised items are still junky, but as we've learned through trial and error (but without CODs), a handful of these As Seen on TV products are pretty useful.

5 As Seen on TV Products We're Proud to Own

  • Grill Daddy Pro Grill Cleaning Brush
    $14.99 with free shipping, a low by $1
    This heavy duty grill brush has a water chamber that makes cleaning even a well-used grill a piece of cake. Just preheat the grill, fill the brush with water, scrub a bit, rinse the grates, and your BBQ is clean and sterilized.

  • Fire Freeze Cold Fire Extinguisher
    $15 with free shipping, a low by $5
    This handy aerosol fire extinguisher is inexpensive, doesn't take up much space, and actually works. It can penetrate a fire six times faster than water, and cools heated surfaces more quickly than water alone.

  • Big Top Cupcake Silicone Bakeware
    $14.99 with free shipping, a low by $3
    This silicone baking set makes it easy to make an oversized and fun cake — it's really just too big to be a cupcake. The best part? Decorating it.

  • YoshiBlade Ceramic Knife
    $9.99 with $5.49 s&h, a low by $2
    The YoshiBlade is a ceramic knife that really outperforms many of its metallic brethren. Just remember, though, it's a slicing knife not a chopper. And if you want to know more about knives for outdoor uses, see our guide to picking the right knife.

  • FURminator deShedding Tool
    From $13.99 with free shipping, a low by at least $23
    This pet de-shedding tool isn't cheap, but we know a number of pet owners who swear by it. It's a tried and true tool of the grooming trade. Models for cats start at $36.99 to $42.99; FURminator models for dogs are priced from $13.99.

5 As Seen on TV Products We Can Live Without

  • Bark Off
    $0.01 with $4.59 s&h, a low by $5
    There is little that's more irritating than a barking dog. This electronic device claims to stop the pooches from howling, but it doesn't deliver.

  • Gyro Bowl
    $6.99 with free shipping, a low by $3
    This is interesting idea, as the bowl is supposed to keep little ones from spilling their food as they toddle around. But forget about avoiding a mess if you've got one of those high-energy kids.

  • The Robo Stir
    $4.99 with $5.49 s&h, a low by $1
    This device is supposed to offer continuous stirring of your soup, gravy, or whatever while you're busy elsewhere. Stick with a proper wooden spoon.

  • Snazzy Napper
    From $14.99 with $7.95 s&h
    OK, it's creepier than a Snuggie. It's a blanket with holes that you put over your head and face so that you can nap in public. Get a room, maybe?

  • Jupiter Jack Hands-Free Universal Car Radio Speakerphone
    $3.90 with free shipping, a low by $2
    For many folks this is too little too late. Most cell phones have clear enough speaker phone abilities, and Bluetooth has become the industry standard for hands-free communication while driving.

Have a favorite As Seen on TV product? Tell us your must-have and don't-buy As Seen on TV goods in the comments.

Note that this feature has been updated since it was originally published last summer.

Photo credits top to bottom: Michael_Lehet via Flickr

Mitch Lipka is an investigative journalist for consumer issues who formerly wrote for, Consumer Reports, and other outlets. Follow him on Twitter — @mitchlipka or on Facebook.

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Correction : I mis-typed the product's name. The product is called Springbak Springsoles. In addition to the televsion ad, they also have a web site - l]
We used a version of the barkoff for our loud dog.   It worked.   The downside is that it was made from cheap plastic, so from turning it off and a drop or two on the carpet was enough to make it inoperable.  Also, things like loud tvs, music, and kids could activate it... though the kids seem to think it was funny every time the dog looked up at the device as they fake barked and set it off.   So, if they come out with a more rugged version, the tech behind it actual works well (atleast with our dog)
Oops. I mis-typed the product's name....Springbak Springsoles (
Springbak Sprinsoles have improved the performance of several of my co-workers who exercise and/or run frequently. Although I am not as athletically-inclined as my co-workers, I have a pair and I find them extremely comfortable. In addition, I have discovered that I walk faster and have less foot fatigue than walking without them. The fact that there is a money back guarantee is also reassuring. 
Shoe Dini is just an overpriced shoe horn. It has a telescoping handle (which comes apart if you tug too hard). It also has a clip to hold the back of your shoe in place (but I find you have to reach down with your hands to push it onto the back of your shoe, so you end up bending down anyway). Just find a long shoehorn and it will do the job just as well, if not better.
I bought my ceramic knives from Harbor Freight.  They have 3 sizes I believe, paring knife, 5" and 6".  Bought them on sale and used the typical 25% off coupon to bring the price under $10.00 each.  May not be the best ceramic knives, but they really are the only knives we use anymore.
Got an aluminum wallet from China via eBay for $3 delivered. THAT price is right as it has only limited usefulness. I use it when I travel as I carry many fewer cards. I'm not paranoid but if someone is going to read my credit cards I figure an airport or at vacaton locations would be the places.
PED EGG is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family and friends have been recycling our "Seen-on-TVs) Also by regifting them year after year....our favorites being the clapper and chia pets. Also, don't order when they are new...wait and they'll show up at the Dollar Tree or  on DealNews!!!!!!!!!!
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