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9 Times Fast Food Went Healthy ... And We Hated It!

Americans like our fast food greasy, fatty, and tasty. Restaurants like McDonald's and Wendy's have learned this the hard way.

Just about every year there's a new health food fad that rakes in big bucks. It's no wonder that fast food companies would see money flowing in that direction and think, "How can we pander to these health conscious folks?!" Yet these attempts to lure in more customers with "healthy" options are often huge failures. Here are nine times they tried to offer us something better, only to have it bomb:

Should we conclude that we Americans want our fast food bad for us, filled with fat and salt and deliciousness? After all, when we choose to go to a fast food joint, 90% of the time it's because we want to splurge on calories. We can easily make a salad at home, but a double beef burger with bacon and onion rings is best left to the professionals.

Readers, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite "healthy" (or unhealthy) fast foods!

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There's two main reasons why fast food and healthy will not succeed.

First it's because majority of customers of fast food joints actually prefer to eat greasy, deep-fried food with sugary drinks. Some may LIKE to think they want to eat healthy but they really don't.

The second reason is fast food has to keep their prices low. The only way to do is by using low quality ingredients. You can't make healthy and delicious food without good ingredients.
I figured the loss of salad bars had more to do with liability, after those incidents with fish hooks being maliciously added to ingredient bins.

But, my local grocery store has maintained a salad bar for over a decade and still does today.
I never tried the Satisfries because BK charged extra for them, even though they had the exact same ingredients as the regular fries (but in different ratios, apparently).
It's funny, when I saw this headline, I said to myself while clicking, "They better include the McLean." And there it was, #1. That thing really tasted like crud.

Al-in-SoCal, I too worked at the Golden Arches, back in the late 80s. Had a great time there for a few years in high school. The McDLT, ahhh, yes, I remember it too. It was better than the McLean, but, yeah...if I'm going to McD's, I'm not looking for health food.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
I know it's mostly the fuzzy quality of the picture, but that Taco Bell salad looks like some a lost deep sea alien creature / ship.
Blast from the past - I worked at McD's during the McDLT, which was similar to the above McLean - anyone remember? Half cool side would always melt under the heat lamps!! LOL
I was a big fan of Wendy's Chicken Caesar and Classic Greek Pita Wraps. Add a Frosty & I was good to go!
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