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VIDEO: Should Your Doctor Know What Groceries You Buy?


Should your doctors be allowed to look at your credit card purchases, in order to have a better picture of your health? Some people think so! In fact, hospitals in North and South Carolina are already compiling and sharing their patients' purchase histories, so doctors can head off future medical issues like emphysema and diabetes.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss if this is out-of-bounds invasive, or a great way to be healthier.

What about you, readers? Tell us what you think about doctors seeing your purchase history, in the comments below!

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So...your doctor is going to receive your "itemized" receipts and read through all of them (when they don't even have time to return phone calls)? Then your doc will question you about what and for whom you bought items? I'm not using the Depends undergarments that I bought for my elderly neighbor, but then my doc is going to question me about my hidden urinary problems?

As others have commented, likely your credit purchase history could be used for money-making by the healthcare industry and for insurance providers to find more reasons to deny coverage.

Can I have a look at my doctor's credit purchases too?
Jimmytdc is right. Of course it's an invasion of privacy. Of course I wouldn't want my doctor seeing what I spent money on (candy, alcohol, cigarettes, or even how many vegatables I buy). But seeing as I am now supposed to subsidize your doctor visits, it seems to reason I would want to know you have good dietary habits before I fork over thousands for that "necessary" liposuction to cure your obesity and help with your diabetes.

I don't want a dr knowing anything about me that I don't want him to know. Next they'll start requesting what kind of car I drive, how many tickets I've gotten,how many times I've been arrested and what the charges were, what my favorite color is, my first pet's name, etc. etc. All of this will be done in the name of decreasing costs in a burgeoning health care system.
Your doctor doesn't need access to your credit card info to treat you. He already knows from labs, direct, honest feedback from you and routine examination during your visit(skin, nails,eyes, etc), to make recommendations and write RX's. AND, yes, highly invasion of our privacy, particularly as to all the other private, for profit segments of the health care system in place.
Yes, it _would_ be an incredible invasion of privacy - if it were being done by a private insurance company. Now, however, since certain w**kjobs have begged the gu'mint to subsidize or assume the cost of healthcare for everyone, they dun gived the biggest wolf on the block the entree necessary, a "compelling interest," if you will, to stick its nose into your business in order to control that cost. Invited the vampire right on in.

Seriously, did no one see this coming? Bueller? Bueller?

Make bed; lie in it.
what an incredible invasion of privacy! Apparently Big Brother is alive and well...