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Go Green, Kid! Eco-Friendly Baby Deals

Get the little ones going green early! From reusing second-hand items, to sporting cloth diapers, and sleeping sweetly in organic bedding, we have a handful of green baby-centric deals that will keep both parents and the little one happy.

Green Dad's Final Roundup of 5 Energy-Saving Gadgets

Are you curious about how well those purported energy-saving gadgets work? Can any of them actually save you money? Green Dad took a look at five popular devices to help you separate the green gems from the not-so-green junk.

10 Green Resolutions to Ring in 2012: From Power-Saving to Going Paperless

Were you eco-unfriendly in 2011? Well thankfully with the new year, everyone gets a fresh start. Here are Green Dad's list of 10 resolutions for a greener and leaner 2012. Any one of these tips could make you an eco-friendlier person in the year ahead. Commit to all 10, and you could give Green Dad some serious tree-hugging (and cost-saving) competition.

7 Green Apps for Eco-Friendly Carpooling, Gardening, and Home Maintenance

When trying to lead an eco-friendly life, you may find that you need a little help to keep you on the right path. Since our dealnews readers are technologically savvy folks, we decided to round up some top eco-friendly-themed apps for iPhone and Android. We've got a carpooling "social" tool, programs that record energy usage, and more.

'Tis the Season ... to Fight Toxins! Deals to Keep Healthy at Home

Wintertime is upon us, and while many people associate the weeks ahead with snowfall, Santa, and sleigh bells, it also means we're indoors a lot more. While that can lead to cabin fever, it can also make you ill in other ways. The more you're indoors, the more exposure you may have to household environmental hazards, which is why this week, Green Dad turns the spotlight on indoor risk factors — and deals on handy products to help keep you safe, all winter long.

An Especially Green Holiday: The Coolest Eco-Friendly Toys

The holidays will soon be upon us, and where you get your toys may not be of that much concern to you, so long as you grab a bargain. However, our Green Dad columnist, Lou Carlozo, believes there are other concerns to keep in mind, like safety and eco-friendliness. So we've rounded up deals on some eco-smart picks that even adults will want to get their hands on, from flying discs to working windmills.

Are These 5 Energy-Saving Gadgets for the Home Worth the Money?

Did you know that some "energy saving devices," are products that just sport a green label in an attempt to get you to cough up the big bucks? Just because an item is deemed "energy saving" doesn't mean the doodad is actually doing any good. Green Dad looks at five gadgets and their potential energy saving capabilities.

Winter Gear and Goodies that Will Leave You Feeling Green All Over

A few weeks back, dealnews' Green Dad wrote about ways to prep your living space for the cold that's surely coming. This week, he's got eight ways to get eco-friendly outside the home, doing battle (and having fun) with winter in a way that's not going to wallop Mother Earth. Just because it's white outside doesn't mean you can't stay green on the inside, and reduce that carbon footprint of yours to a size much smaller than a snow boot.

Save $500 on Heating Costs This Winter with These 8 Green Tips

There's no stopping the cold of winter, but there are many things we can do to ready our homes for the brutal weather. Green Dad gives us eight eco-friendly tips and nifty products to save you as much as $500 in heating costs this year — which means they're well worth their weight in energy savings.

Refurbished FAQ: Sound Strategies for Buying Refurbished Goods

Every day, the dealnews editors uncover myriad refurbished deals that offer great savings when compared to buying new. But perhaps you're one of the numerous shoppers who is fearful of the word "refurb." Our Green Dad columnist, a big supporter of reconditioned goods, gives us the low-down on what consumers should look for when shopping for refurbs.

8 Ways to Cut Paper Use and Save More Than $600 Each Year

Want to keep the forests lush and your wallet plump? Try trading in paper towels for a dishtowel, switching to paperless billing, or investing in a grab-n-go coffee mug. This week Green Dad Lou Carlozo details the best ways to cut paper use in your home and save more than $600 a year.