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This Starbucks Sale Lets You Make Your Coffee and Drink It Too


If you want to save money by making your coffee at home, getting the right gear is key. Lucky for you, global coffee authority Starbucks is having a sale, taking up to 50% off a selection of coffee makers and accessories in its online store. (Note: Some items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.) Shipping adds $5.95, but orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping.

We've rounded up 10 items to help make you into a coffee brewing expert.

10 Items to Help You Make Your Coffee and Drink It Too

Measure It

Starbucks Coffee Scoop Clip for $2.98 ($3 off)

All is lost if you don't start out with the proper ratio of water to coffee. This dedicated measuring spoon also features a bag clip on the handle, meaning it can stay right with your coffee and keep it fresh.

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Grind It

Krups GVX 2 Burr Coffee Grinder for $34.98 (a low by $9)

If you're working with whole beans, you'll need to grind them. With this handy contraption you can choose from 17 fineness settings, so you can customize the consistency according to how you'll be brewing.

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Press It

Starbucks 34-oz. Coffee Press for $49.98 ($50 off)

Pressing is a way to brew coffee without filters, which is appealing if you care about things like the environment and saving money. It also purportedly gives coffee a better flavor.

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Drip It

Abid 14-oz. Clever Coffee Dripper for $15.37 (a low by $1)

The dripper is another option for brewing; it combines the immersion and pour-over methods. This manual brewer is good for times you want to make a single cup of coffee and know exactly how strong you want it.

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Pour It

Toast Living 10-oz. Coffee Carafe Set for $32.48 ($32 off)

Another brewing choice is the pour-over system, which also allows you to control the strength of your coffee. The big bonus is easy cleanup, since the equipment is minimal, stationary, and accessible.

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Cold Brew It

Toddy 48-oz. Cold Brew System for $24.47 (a low by $10)

Finally, there's the cold brew process. It produces less acidic coffee, and it requires no electricity, which is a major benefit if you're an on-the-go type. You can also refrigerate leftovers for up to two weeks!

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Store It

Starbucks 32-oz. Growler for $7.48 ($7 off)

If you did cold brew extra coffee and want to keep it, this growler will help you maintain its flavor. Lidded glass is the optimum food and drink storage material, and it doesn't hurt that the bottle is already colored, so you won't have to watch it stain.

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Ice It

Peak Ice Tray Set for $10.47 (a low by $8)

This step is optional, but if you like your coffee iced, plink on. You probably thought an object as simple as an ice tray couldn't have features, but you'd be wrong. How about a lid to prevent freezer burn? How about a choice between 1" cubes and crushed ice?

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Sip It

Verismo 12-oz. Faceted Mug for $8.48 ($8 off)

Congratulations, you've made coffee. Now enjoy it! This mug is lighter than ceramic and has a silicone lid to keep your drink warm longer than an open cup would.

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Take It With You

Starbucks 16-oz. Cold Cup for $13.97 ($6 off)

If you've concocted an iced coffee or even made your own version of your favorite frap, this is the perfect vessel for it. It's modeled on the iconic "parent at Target with a Starbucks drink clipped to their cart" cup, but it's reusable.

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Readers, what's your favorite kind of coffee? Will this Starbucks sale provide you with any accoutrements you've been missing to make it at home? Let us know in the comments!

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