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Deals from Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wine Accessories: Worth Pouring Your Money In To?
Whether for gifting to friends this holiday or sipping a celebratory glass post-holiday shopping, having wine around is essential this time of year. But having the wine on hand is only the first step in presenting it with the dignity it deserves. There are a number of gadgets and wine-related devices on the market today that serve the purposes of uncorking, aerating, and chilling wine — but which are worth your money?
In Case You Missed Them: Recent dealnews Features
Since there's so much news to cover as we head full-swing into the holiday season, you may have overlooked some important information to guide your purchases. Here are some recent features you might have missed: ... and more!
dealnews Podcast - Episode 238: Santa, Baby!
The dealnews Podcast Episode 238 is like Janus, looking forward towards the holidays, while looking backwards at Black Friday. This week, the panel talks about Redbox Instant pricing, more Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales numbers, the "True Cost of Christmas," better gifts to buy people who don't really understand what they want, and more.
Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance: Helping Safe and Savvy Drivers Save Money
We hear you're a safe driver, but you're probably paying too much for car insurance. But that may soon change, as the industry is dipping its toe into the water of pay-as-you-drive insurance, also known as usage-based insurance. So what's it all about?
The Most Dangerous Toys of 2012: What to Get for the Kids You Hate
The holidays should be fun, not hazardous. However, there are always toys just waiting to harm your kids. That's why W.A.T.C.H. puts together its list of the "10 Worst Toys" every year, in the hopes of saving your children from horrible, strangulated, punctured visits to the doctor and hospital. Here are the big 10 for 2012!
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