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Every day, DealNews brings you the best deals available on the hottest items on the Internet. We scour over 2,000 online retailers and tens of thousands of deals to deliver the best 300+ deals each and every day. We verify that each deal is valid, the lowest total price we could find, and from a reputable retailer. Then and only then do we post it for you. We take getting a bargain seriously, and then share what we find with you.

Back in 1997, DealNews started as a couple of friends hunting for good deals on cool technology gadgets, computers and electronics and then sharing that information to more friends on the DealNews website. We've since grown to include a large professional writing and editing staff, numerous web-savvy engineers and designers, and more. However, the core reason for what we do hasn't changed. We love getting a great deal on really cool stuff, and we want to share.

Our Editorial Guarantee

Every deal we list is the lowest price we could find, sold by a reputable store.

Implicit in our guarantee:

At DealNews, we do not claim to work without influence of advertisers. For example, it is critical that we work with our advertisers to craft deals for our readers. But our philosophy is to report deals with the highest standards of quality and ethics. is the only online shopping site we know of with an editorial guarantee, which we believe is why over 95% of DealNews' readers trust us more than any other online shopping site.

Besides the deals themselves, what else is cool here?

Joining Us

DealNews has a staff of dozens of people. If you're interested in working for DealNews, see our jobs@dealnews page to see what openings are available.

Where we are, Inc., is headquartered at 101 Quality Circle, Suite 100 in Huntsville, Alabama, with another office in Manhattan at 320 W. 37th Street, Suite 301, New York, New York. You can reach our company voicemail at (256) 971-6840, but please remember, DealNews doesn't sell the products we list. If you have a problem with an order, please contact the merchant who sells that deal or check our consumer advocates page for other options. Sorry, but calls asking us to sell you the products we list won't be returned.

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