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Here's Why You Should Never Pay Full-Price for an iTunes Gift Card

Our handy infographic will show you the best time to buy iTunes gift cards, as well as the most common discounts and most popular amounts.

Some of you might think that gift cards are nothing more than a thoughtless present that one picks up in CVS, at the last minute, on the way to a party for someone you don't really know. ("Who is Bob and what does he like? Eh, probably an iTunes gift card!")

But as it turns out, these handy little plastic money-replacements could be a great way to save money — if you're smart about buying them. That's because there's been an influx in iTunes gift card discounts in recent months. For example, 2013 saw a 408% increase in iTunes cards on sale, compared to just three years earlier.

In the past, we've investigated how Apple products drop in price, and also found the stores that offer the best deals on them. Now, we turn our deal-finding microscopes to Apple's gift cards. It turns out that iTunes gift card discounts are such a common and regular occurrence, that you probably shouldn't ever buy an iTunes card at face value.

So here's where you can buy iTunes gift cards on sale, as well as the best times to seek the deals out. If you play your cards right, you'll never have to pay full-price for your music again.

buy itunes gift card

One further note: If you're only using these cards to buy music, keep in mind that for album purchases, Amazon's prices are cheaper than iTunes 77.5% of the time; however, single song prices are about equal. That said, if you're buying iTunes cards at a discount, you might come out ahead via Apple's music store.

Does this information change anything for you? Are you going to rethink the way you purchase an iTunes gift card online or in-store? Or are you going to continue to pick them up at the pharmacy, as a last minute gift? Tell us your thoughts, below!

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Sometimes you can get 50% off deals on iTunes gift cards with some vendors like
Gotta admit, Dealnews-Lindsay is an attractive girl!!!!
There is a 10% off deal right now on PayPal's website for those interested
I'm an ABSOLUTE 100 Proof Apple Fan Girl! This article is exactly what I needed! Thanks for this bit of information. Now that's news!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Anthony S Jennings What state do you live in?
Anthony S Jennings
In my state, you're taxed on both ends (buying the gift card, and purchases against the gift card balance).
Anthony, we don't pay tax on gift cards, only when you spend it.
I buy iTunes cards whenever I find them for 20% off and simply enter them into iTunes. Now everything I buy from movies, rentals, music and even apps are at significant discounts. Full retail is for suckers!
Anthony S Jennings
These frequently discounted gift cards are the only way to purchase content in iTunes. I tend to prefer Target's discounts (typically 15% off), but I've bought some from Best Buy in the past. With Target, the card codes are usually sent by email. Plus, if you use their Redcard loyalty card, you get an additional 5% off. Target also does not charge sales tax on these discounted cards.
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