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Blog Archives for May 2013

Deal Highlight: A Kindle Fire Sale Just as NOOK Is Predicted to Fail

Analysts have been predicting the NOOK's demise for a while, which means Amazon's Kindle line may be the way to go for those hesitant of the shaky Barnes & Noble device. And as luck would have it, we found two exceptionally good Kindle Fire deals today, including a rare discount on the current generation tablet and an all-time low price on a refurbished model.

Avoid Intel's New Haswell CPUs, Buy Ivy Bridge Laptops Now

On Monday, Intel will officially debut its fourth generation Core processors, code name Haswell. For tech aficionados, the new chips mean it's time for a new laptop. But for bargain hunters, Haswell means another round of price cuts on Intel's Ivy Bridge systems. With prices already near all-time lows, how much cheaper can laptop deals get?

Amazon Mirrors Netflix, Will Produce Its Own Original "TV" Series

Earlier this year, Amazon had a pretty unique idea – produce TV pilots and let the viewers decide which ones would become the site's first original programming. Now Amazon has given the green light to five shows, which will air later this year. But are any of them worth the Prime subscription?

The State of Gaming Survey: The Xbox Reigns Supreme

With new consoles debuting, cheap Android game systems on the market, and E3 around the corner, it's shaping up to be an exciting time in gaming. To tap into that anticipation, we polled our game-playing readers to find out what they're playing, how much they're spending, and what they're doing with their consoles — when they're not shooting aliens, of course.

This Tea Kettle Isn't Supposed to Look Like Hitler

It's a safe assumption that no national retailer wants its name associated with Hitler, but JCPenney has unfortunately fallen victim to the mania of internet memes.

Guilt Tipping: 56% of People Tip Even If They Receive Terrible Service

In a recent poll, 56% of dealnews readers said they felt obligated to tip even if they received terrible service. But why do we feel guilty when we stiff someone that's provided bad service? We delved deeper into the messy politics of tipping and discovered that, like everything else, it comes down to a question of nature versus nurture.

Private Label Products Will Slash 25% Off Your Grocery Bill

Once upon a time, shoppers seemed to care deeply about whether their kitchen cabinets were filled with familiar names and food mascots. But these days, are you any more likely to prefer Kellogg's over cereal from Target? And what if you could save more than $1,000 every year by going generic?

This Is How Kids End Up Spending $1,139 on Prom

Prom: Never have so many spent so much on an event so crucial at the time only to have it haunt us decades later with cringe-inducing vengeance. But tell that to today's teens who have even more inventive, creative ways to blow over $1,000 on one night. Where does all that money go?

If You're Spending $35 Less on a Father's Day Gift, You Better Make It Count

If there's one thing our fathers like, it's spouting off irrelevant factoids. So, in honor of dear old Dad, we wandered around in the internet in search of interesting facts about Father's Day. Then we spruced 'em up (using Pop's Pommade and Old Spice) and created this fancy infographic.

Xbox One Focuses on Entertainment First, Games Second

Microsoft's new Xbox One will radically change your living room. But with its heavy component-like capabilities, is Redmond's redesigned machine a new toy for A/V buffs or still the hardcore gaming machine we've come to love and want?

#FAIL: Apple Maps, JCP's Everyday Low Pricing, New Coke, and more

Do you guys remember New Coke? No? Well, there's a good reason why: when a current-generation product achieves monumental popularity, its successor very well may not. In fact, we can think of nine products and business initiatives that were total #fail-ures.

The Price of the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile's Un-leashed Plan Just Went Up $50

T-Mobile has long frustrated customers by carrying every other brand of smartphone but the iPhone. That is until the carrier brought aboard the iPhone 5 last month, at a discount to boot. But now a new 16GB iPhone 5 will cost you $629.99 upfront. What's up with that?

Do You Know Where Your Frequent Flyer Miles Are?

If you've ever wondered what happens to all those frequent flyer miles you accumulate — and why you sometimes can't track them all — you are not alone. Brian Kelly, aka "The Points Guy," set out to uncover the best ways to monitor and earn frequent flyer points.

Rumor Roundup: Bye Bye Facebook Phone? Beige iPhone?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Google, Apple, Facebook, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

You're Less Likely to Return an Online Purchase Than One From In-Store

Online-only retailers have much lower merchandise return rates than other merchants. But is this because web-only merchants are better at preventing returns than other companies, or is returning items to an online retailer too much of a hassle in the first place?

How to Maximize the Trade-in Value of Your Old Video Games

Concrete details for the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles are just around the corner, but since it's almost certain that both consoles will not be backwards compatible, it's likely that all of your video games are about to become outdated. How will this affect the trade-in value of your current-gen video games, and what can you do to get the most money when selling?

4K TV Deals May Be Awesome, But You'd Be Stupid to Buy One

When they debuted for consumers earlier this year, 4K TVs carried a $20,000 price tag. For this reason, we'd wager that few dealnews readers realistically ever considered buying one — that is, until Seiki released a 50" 4K TV for just $1,500. Despite that crazy low price, there are still many reasons why it's not worth investing in 4K technology just yet.

Live TV Over the Internet Is Coming: Would You Ever Drop Cable for It?

Through various means, network TV is coming to the Internet in the form of live streams. In this brief but lively discussion, our experts ponder the eternal question: What will it take to get you to watch live TV online?

In-Store Clinics Offer Basic Health Care Services at Lower Costs

Although it may seem strange to get health care at your local pharmacy or big-box retailer, it can actually be less expensive (and more convenient) than trying to make a doctor's appointment. So would you head to an in-store, walk-in clinic at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or Target?

Ways to Save on the Costs of Moving

May is National Moving Month! All excitement aside, moving is not only a hassle but can be an extremely expensive endeavor. And while we can't help you alleviate the burden of uprooting your possessions and starting anew somewhere else, there are some ways to lessen the financial strain of hiring movers. From ideal scheduling to scoring free materials, here are some ways to cut moving costs.

Rumor Roundup: Google Babel? Amazon 3D Phone? NOOK Sale?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

Analysts Believe Amazon Will Start Raising Its Prices

Amazon's lack of profits in 2012 are mostly a result of the company's hefty investments and overall thin profit margins. And while no experts blame customers for not buying enough, it very well may be Amazon shoppers who will pay the price to make up for lost revenue.

Internet Retailers Will Likely Start Charging Sales Tax Across the Board Soon

The Senate approved the hotly-debated Internet sales tax proposal on Monday, which means the landmark legislation is on its way to the House. And if the House gives it the go-ahead, the landscape of online shopping may be forever changed.

YouTube Now Charging Up to $10 a Month to View Select Channels

YouTube is going to start charging money for access to select video channels, so we asked our panel of experts the eternal question: What would it take to get you to pay for YouTube?

No Rewards, Rare Incentives: Why Pay with PayPal Cards In-Store?

Last week, PayPal announced a plan to expand its mobile wallet service to an estimated 2 million stores by year's end. But what are the consumer incentives behind leaving that easy-to-use credit card at home and instead reaching for a PayPal card instead?

Some of Your Favorite Retail Sites May Be Giving Your Data to the Government

The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released its annual "Who Has Your Back?" report, which offers an in-depth look at the digital companies that protect your data from the government — and its findings may surprise you. Looking at the privacy policies of ISPs, email providers, cloud storage providers, social networking sites, and more, it's become clear that not all of our online data is safely guarded.

Hey, Robot! Buy My Jeans, Drive My Car, Get Me Out of Costco Alive

Hointer, a jeans store in Seattle, employs solely robots to tend to the needs of its shoppers, down to delivering additional sizes in the dressing room. That got us thinking — what else should these automatons do for us in our daily life? We're keeping our fingers crossed that the next generation of robots will obey these commands.

Rumor Roundup: Key Lime Pie? Xbox? iOS 7? Twitter Local?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Android, Batman, Conroy, Apple, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

JCPenney to Customers: Sorry Guys, Let's All Be Friends Again!

JCPenney has changed so much in the past year, usually to the customer's dismay. The higher-ups know that shoppers are losing patience with the store, so in an attempt to make amends, JCPenney made a video apology and posted it on YouTube. Is it enough to get customers back to shopping in JCP stores?

11 Things We Wish We Could Buy from Our Favorite TV Shows

Get This is a new app that lets you purchase items you see flash across the screen during your favorite TV shows. Currently only two programs are eligible for this real time product curation, but that didn't stop us from thinking about all the ridiculous things we'd like to own from our favorite TV shows.

A $78 Xbox 360 May Be on the Way in May

Details on Microsoft's next-gen console will be revealed on May 21 and while most gamers are aching to know specs and hardware, we're zeroing in on the Xbox 360, which is poised to become the cheapest game console ever.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 256: That's All, Folks!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 256 is here! In this, their final episode — EVER — our panel of jokesters have a discussion about Facebook, Antenna Gate, space travel, Google Now, McDonald's all-day breakfast, and more!

What to Expect from Mother's Day Sales, and How to Save $300 With Deals

Mother's Day deals are everywhere, but which ones offer the best value? Should you spring for the usual flowers, or try something more exotic like perfume? To find out, we took a look at holiday sales from last year to see how you can save the most on Mother's Day gifts.
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