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Best Black Friday Apple Deals: Save $74 on a Bigger iPad mini 3

Though Apple itself is usually a Black Friday disappointment, that doesn't mean other stores can't step up to the plate with slammin' deals on iDevices. In fact, there's a whole boatload of them out there right now, including price lows on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more. A word of caution, though: Apple deals tend to disappear fast. Be sure to check back here often, as we'll be updating this page with all the best Black Friday Apple deals.

Black Friday Laptops You Can Get Now: Save $116 on an All-Business HP Ultrabook

Black Friday is undoubtedly the best time of the year to purchase a new laptop, and each of these deals is an example of why. We've found a mix of budget-friendly Windows machines and Chromebooks, with prices starting at just $150. Be sure to check back often, as we'll continue to update this page with all the best Black Friday laptop deals.

Black Friday Storage Deals You Can Get Now: Samsung SSDs From $60

Storage isn't as sexy as its Black Friday counterparts like laptops, televisions, and gadgets — it's more flash drive than flash-y. But that doesn't mean you can't get great deals on these computing essentials. We've found Editors' Choice offers on storage devices for every need. And be sure to check back here regularly as we continue to update this page with the best Black Friday storage deals.

Black Friday TVs You Can Get Now: Cheapest 65" Name-Brand TV All Year

Black Friday is easily the best time all year to score a hot TV deal, and these early offers are no exception. Don't drag your feet adding these sets to cart, though; discounts like this don't last forever! Be sure to check back often, as we'll continue to update this page with all the best Black Friday TV deals.

Black Friday Phones You Can Get Now: Galaxy S5 for $1, Save $250 on Fire Phone

We found a bunch of stellar pre-Black Friday smartphone offers, including price lows on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Just don't waste any time; these handsets are bound to sell out quickly! Be sure to check back often, as we'll continue to update this page with all the latest, best Black Friday phone deals.

Black Friday Cameras You Can Get Now: Point-and-Shoots from $199, SLRs from $335

Cameras may not be the Black Friday darlings they once were, but that doesn't mean they won't be on sale. We've rounded up the best Black Friday camera and SLR deals with prices starting at $199.

Black Friday Video Games You Can Get Now: Steam Sale Takes Up to 90% Off

Gamers, the wait is over! We've searched the Internet for the best early Black Friday video game deals, and we found some doozies. Just don't waste any time; these games are selling out fast! Be sure to check back often, as we'll continue to update this page with all the latest, best Black Friday gaming deals.

Black Friday Home Goods You Can Get Now: Kohl's is Bringing it with Dyson & KitchenAid Deals

How do you turn a house into a home? By filling it with cool stuff that you bought! Black Friday is a great time to do that, since we're seeing amazing deals on all kinds of home goods and decor. And we've found all the best options, so you don't have to.

Black Friday Clothing Deals You Can Get Now: Amazing Sitewide Discounts

People don't often think of clothing deals when they salivate over Black Friday, which is a shame since we frequently see some of the best sales of the year from beloved retailers. Shop smart this week and take advantage of coupons, sitewide sales, and free shipping with our roundup of the best Black Friday clothing deals.

Black Friday Tablets You Can Get Now: All-Time Price Lows on Kindle HDX, Galaxy Tab 4

With prices that are already undercutting the best Black Friday ads, retailers are discounting tablets at a record pace. That means you can expect to see better-than-average tablet deals this week. To help you spot the good deals from the bad, we've rounded up the best Android- and Windows-based tablet deals we could find.

Black Friday Headphones You Can Get Now: Best Ever Bose Noise-Cancelling, Sennheiser for $150

Looking for some kicking cans this holiday season? We've rounded up the best Editors' Choice headphone deals, and we'll be updating them regularly. These are Black Friday-worthy prices, but they're available right now.

Best HDTV Deals: 5 Editors' Choice Deals to Rival Black Friday, 4K From $400

TV deals will be epic this week, and today's best HDTV deals are just a small preview of what's to come. Included in our roundup is a 55" Panasonic for $600, Vizio's 70" P-Series 4K HDTV for $1,998, and a budget 42" 4K TV for $400.

Best Black Friday Apple Ads: Cheapest iPhone 6 & MacBook Air Ever, iPad Gift Card Bundles

The Apple Store's Black Friday sale is predictable and disappointing, so we've taken the liberty of rounding up our favorite Apple Black Friday ads to date, whether you're shopping for a MacBook Air or just a cheap iTunes gift card.

The Best Black Friday Ads: Our Final, Master List of Every Deal You'll Want This Week

Black Friday Week has come at last! The ads are in, and we're ready to present our definitive guide to the best Black Friday deals. Here you'll find all of our ad analyses in one convenient place, from TVs priced as low as $79 to a $5 tablet that's breaking all the rules. Read on to see all our final picks in TVs, laptops, tablets, electronics, and home goods.

Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What to Buy Each Day

Black Friday is held up as the ultimate shopping day, but Thanksgiving actually offers more awesome deals; and Cyber Monday adds its own fair share of savings to the mix. However, if you're looking for a specific type of product, it's hard to know whether Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday will give you the best chance to score that bargain — until you check out our handy guide.

Best Shoe Deals: Oakley Golf Shoes for $16, Colorful UGGs for $50

Maybe you're saving your money up for Black Friday, but you won't be able to brave the midnight crowds with nothing on your feet! This week, we saw Nikes for $45 and an amazing deal on Oakley golf shoes, but a pair of Tory Burch riding boots offers something more high end too. Read on for the week's best shoe deals.

Why Wait? 12 Black Friday Doorbusters You Can Buy NOW

Black Friday week is here and that means you can expect spectacular deals to appear at any time. However, unlike Friday's doorbusters, many of this week's early deals will release without fanfare. That's where we come in. We're shining a spotlight on the best Black Friday deals you can buy right now, so you can skip the lines and avoid the crowds.

In Case You Missed It: Recent DealNews Features

There's so much news to cover as we approach Black Friday and the holiday season, you might have overlooked some important information to guide your purchases. Here are some recent features you might have missed:

Black Friday 2014 Store Hours: Everyone's Opening on Thanksgiving

Over the years, Black Friday deals have creeped earlier and earlier into the week, and so far this year, a record number of stores will start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day. With many stores opening a full day early and remaining open right through to midnight on Friday, it's important for brick-and-mortar Black Friday shoppers to be well aware of store hours. We've listed opening times for each of the major retailers to help you plan your day accordingly.

Thanksgiving Will Top Black Friday for the Best Deals

One of the biggest myths about Black Friday is that the best deals will be on Friday itself. But if Black Friday is no longer the starting point, when should shoppers be looking? Find out why you might want to start shopping early this year.

Update: Best Black Friday Laptop Ads: $99 Budget Machine and $750 Powerhouse

Laptops are among the most sought-after and heavily-discounted devices on Black Friday. However, this year, laptop deals have been slow to surface, with few head-turning deals. But not all hope is lost. Below we've hand-selected the best Black Friday laptop deals we've seen.

Best Black Friday Xbox One Ads: Don't Buy Yours Without a Bundled Gift Card

The last time Black Friday rolled around, the Xbox One was a distinctly bad buy. But that's not the case these days! With significantly patched software and a robust library of games, gamers can finally feel good about adding an Xbox One to the cart. Read on to discover the best Xbox One Black Friday ads out there.

Best Black Friday Tablet Ads: Target Schools Competition in Epic iPad Deals

Despite a slump in sales, retailers are hoping to make tablets the darling of Black Friday sales. With prices that start at $5, this year's tablet deals look promising and in some instances have already busted our tablet predictions. So whether you're an Android fan or deeply embedded in the iOS ecosystem, we've gathered the best Black Friday tablet deals to date.

The 9 Types of Internet Commenters You'll See Hating on Black Friday

Here in the DealNews ivory tower, it's easy to forget that not everyone loves Black Friday deals the way we do. Because we love and value the opinions of our fellow netizens, we're sharing our favorite quotes from this web fight. Can the Internet convince you to sit out Black Friday for good?

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