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Tablet Roundup: Used, Refurbished, and Open Box iPads Galore

As a savvy consumer, you know that a lot of "early adopters" pay top dollar just to be beta testers for the big companies. The week's best tablet deals are full of previously-loved iPads, offering great value on models where you'll know what you're getting. Get a refurbished iPad 2 for $290, a used iPad (3rd Gen) for $250, or an open box iPad Mini for $229.

Best Laptop Deals: Budget Touchscreen Ultraportable from $279

This week's best laptop deals include systems for all needs and budgets, starting with ASUS's 11.6" touchscreen ultraportable for $279. We've also found deals on two mainstream general-purpose laptops from Lenovo and HP and a 17" desktop replacement from Dell.

VIDEO: Unnecessarily Censored April Buying Guide

We gave the "unnecessary censorship" treatment to our latest TV appearance! Come and find out what the best things to BLEEP in April are! (It's 100% SFW, we swear.)

Tennessee Has the Highest Combined Sales Tax: How Does Your State Rate?

As the battle rages on between state governments and online retailers who refuse to collect taxes, some states have more to lose from the missing revenue stream. So which residents might be more prone to ordering online to circumvent sales tax?

VIDEO: Can You "Like" Away Your Right To Litigation?

Recently, General Mills (makers of Cheerios and Toaster Strudel) modified their legal policy so that if a customer "likes" them on social media, or downloads an online coupon, that customer gives up all rights to take legal action against the company! In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss if companies have the right to have such a clause.

Handy Handsets: Cheapest iPhone 5S Ever, Motorola Prepaid Phone for $8

We passed a remarkable anniversary recently: On April 3, 1973, the first phone call from a handheld mobile device was placed. We've come a long way in 41 years! Now, whether you're searching for the latest smartphone or a simple prepaid device, this roundup of five Editors' Choice phone deals has the handset for you.

Best HDTV Deals of the Week: 65" Sony 4K HDTV Package for $3,498

Despite some initial price cuts, name-brand 4K HDTVs are still costlier than their 1080p counterparts. But this week's top TV deals include a 4K Sony TV that's trying to make some headway. It's not the cheapest 65" you'll find, but it comes bundled with Sony's own 4K Media Player and a free credit. For the rest of us, we've also found a trio of deals on 32" sets and a 39" RCA for $249.

Running With Scissors: 7 Myths About Cutting the Cable Cord

If the headlines are to be believed, consumers are abandoning cable in droves. But the truth is actually a lot more complicated than the news has led you to believe. In an effort to help you decide whether cable abandonment is right for you, we're tackling seven major cord-cutting myths. Read on to find out whether all cord-cutters are pirates, how much money you could actually save, and more!

The Best Days To Travel And Buy Airfare May Surprise You

A report by Hopper surveying ticket prices may give new insight on your bargain hunting. Hopper looked at popular domestic and international ticket searches since January 2013 to figure out the best days to book, the best days to travel, and how much you can save.

Wearable Awesome: Nike+ FuelBand for $99, Free Shipping at Vera Bradley

These days, accessories do so much more than complete a look. From fitness watches to statement handbags, we've rounded up the week's best deals for accessories that earn their keep. See an all-time price low on the Nike+ FuelBand, save $50 on a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo watch, and bag free shipping on everything at Vera Bradley.

Using Your Gear Head: Bike Basics to Know Before You Buy

Looking to save money on gas this spring? Better get biking! We tapped Oscar Wastyn, the patriarch of the second oldest bike shop in the U.S., to generously dish some sound advice on how to choose and equip your new bike.

Best Men's Shoes to Spring Into: Deals on Clarks, adidas, Nike

Forget the window dressing, you're just a guy looking for a solid pair of shoes. If the spring weather has you longing to slip into something more comfortable, you've come to the right place: we've rounded up the best men's shoe deals of the week just for you. Get an extra 20% off a pair of Clarks shoes, save $30 on some innovative adidas running shoes, and score a pair of Polo boots at $70 off.

Rumors: iPhone Integrating Shazam? More expensive iPhone? More?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple, Mario Kart, Star Wars, and more? Well, neither are we! That's why we put all the latest nonsense from the internet into one place: the Rumor Roundup!

Best Easter Ever! Toy Deals That Are Too Cool for Baskets

Easter Sunday is April 20, but we're pretty tired of the Easter Bunny getting all the credit around this time of year. He comes hopping in with all those colored eggs and and baskets full of candy, and Mom and Dad are left to clean up the wrappers. No more! This year, we've rounded up five toy deals that are too awesome to put in a basket.

Staycation, Schmaycation: JetBlue Flights from $41, MGM Grand 3-Night Stays

A so-called "staycation" might sound good on the surface, but can you really relax if your boss is still in the same ZIP code? We thought not! To help you get away, we've rounded up five of the week's best travel deals. Grab a 1-way flight to just about anywhere with JetBlue for as little as $41, stay at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for $52 per night, and spend nine blissful nights in Hawaii at over a $4,000 savings.

Quick & Dirty Guide: The Difference Between a Streaming Stick & Set-Top Box

As Amazon Fire TV bursts onto the market to compete with streamers like the Roku 3 and Apple TV, you may be wondering what these set-top boxes offer over cheaper streaming sticks — specifically Google's Chromecast and Roku's Streaming Stick.

Save the Planet, Treat Yourself: Earth Day Freebies 2014

April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, an event that dates back to 1970. And on this day, the freebies and premiums pop up with the energy of spring bulbs bursting through once-dormant soil.

Road Trip-Ready Tablets: $130 off iPad Air with 4G Data, Cheapest 4GB Android

Between spring break and the upcoming summer months, we are right in the middle of car trip season. For those long hours on the road, more parents are turning to mobile devices to keep kids entertained; one British study found that 80% of parents rely on tablets to occupy their offspring on the road. Because we're all about increasing familial happiness, we've rounded up five road trip-ready Editors' Choice tablet deals.

Wallet Pwned: You Won't Play 26% of the Games in Your Steam Library

A recent study shows that millions of gamers are buying games they don't want from Steam, with about 26% of games never even being loaded. Because Valve's Steam store has captured a staggering 75% of the global market for PC games, this means that the vast majority of PC gamers have probably wasted their money on an unwanted game at some point. Read on to see where these ignored games are coming from, and why we keep buying them.

15 Retailers That Offer the Most Coupons

Some retailers release coupon codes on a predictably regularly basis, and are therefore more likely to pay off in savings if you take the time to search before placing an order. We dove deep into our coupon database, sorting through every offer we posted in 2013, to find out which stores are the best.

VIDEO: How Much Private Info Do You Trade For Goods and Services?

This week, Google updated its terms of service to explicitly state that it does, in fact, scan emails to more accurately target ads to users. In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss the benefits and detriments of trading private information for goods and services.

Never Pay Full Price: The Ultimate Guide to Online Coupon Codes

Using coupon codes wisely can maximize your potential savings — but it may take a little know-how to navigate the vast amount of information out there. This ultimate coupon code guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to go from newbie to pro in no time flat, and there's even some tips for you seasoned pros as well.

You'll Never Believe How Much Twitter and Nike Paid for Their Logos

This infographic tells the story behind the world's most famous logos, including the subliminal messages that brands are trying to convey. Plus, we bet you'll never guess how much it cost Twitter and Nike to score their now-iconic images.

How to Tell If Pet Insurance Policies Are Worth the Cost

Though they may seem confusing, the right pet insurance policy can make the difference between a $1,000 or $100 vet bill. Compare, research, and know that alternatives do exist.

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