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When is the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

Victoria's Secret, the most popular lingerie retailer in the country, is well-known for its Semi-Annual Sales. Women in need of budget-friendly wares flock to these sales en masse, so it's important to be aware of when the sales will start, and how to make the most of the savings.

How to Save Money at Victoria's Secret

Got a favorite store? This week, we're taking a closer look at shopping trends at a handful of stores, so you can get the dirt on deals, discounts, and more. First up: The ever-popular lingerie chain, Victoria's Secret.

Best Laptop Deals: $299 Off a Quad-Core 1080p Entertainment Powerhouse

This week's roundup of the best laptop deals includes an Editors' Choice Asus gaming laptop with 12GB of RAM and a 4GB GeForce GTX 850M video card. If that's too much horsepower for your needs, we've also found a budget Celeron-based laptop for just $180.

Amazon Ship-to-Trunk & 5 Other Weird Delivery Services

Amazon wants to deliver packages right to your car trunk — but only if you own an Audi, which is a strangely specific service. We look at 5 other historically weird (and effective) delivery methods.

Wednesday Jolt: 77% Off Star Wars Games, Cheapest LED Bulbs

We won't force you into buying any Star Wars video games, but at these prices, you might padawant to! Plus, we have an illuminating deal on LED bulbs that'll help you see your way to savings. These deals and more are in today's list of five Editors' Choice deals that we found overnight and early this morning.

10 Streaming Movies to Watch With Mom This Mother's Day

After you've taken Mom out for a mimosa brunch on Sunday, you'll all probably be full and sleepy. Then it's time to put on one of these great streaming movies about motherhood, and enjoy a quiet afternoon together.

Take Advantage of Mother's Day Kitchen Deals! $120 Off Global Knife Set

Unless your mom is really into cooking, we don't recommend buying her a kitchen gadget for Mother's Day. Of course, a deal-savvy son or daughter would take advantage of all these silly, old-fashioned sales to upgrade their own culinary closet! Read on to see this week's best kitchen deals.

Best HDTV Deals: Cheapest 42" 4K TV We've Seen, 3 TV/Gift Card Bundles

This week's best TV deals includes an Editors' Choice 4K UHD TV at a price that beats our best Black Friday deal. We've also hand-picked a trio of HDTV/gift card bundles no TV shopper can afford to miss.

Survey Says: Most Moms Want a Meal Out on Mother's Day

The results are in, and our Mother's Day survey shows a lot of moms aren't happy with their gifts — which is often nothing. So take mom out, or at least call.

10 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Battery Life

You might not be able to get to a charger, but you can still preserve your phone's power. Here's how to turn off juice-draining functions, apps, and more.

The 10 Best Mother's Day Coupons From Szul, KitchenAid, ShoeBuy

Everyone loves a good coupon, especially your mom! To help you save a bundle on Mother's Day gifts and other things you might be purchasing this week, we've rounded up the 10 best coupons around. Save 20% on spa deals from Groupon, get 15% off jewelry from Szul, and take 20% off at KitchenAid.

Laughing All the Way to the Bank: How Joke Reviews on Amazon Drive Sales

Think the top results on Amazon are always the best options? They could be bolstered by hundreds of sarcastic or even negative reviews.

Sunny Day Shoe Deals: Save on Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Crocs

Sunny days are here again, and there's never been a better time to switch up your shoe wardrobe. From strappy sandals to trail-ready hiking boots, this week's best shoe deals will help you get out there and soak up the vitamin D.

DealTip: How to Save Deals for Later

In every deal-hunter's life, there are times when we have to pause to consider a purchase. Should we buy this? Do I need another one of these? Will my wife kill me if I buy this?

For just such occasions, we created our Save for Later feature! It spans all DealNews products, so you can save, and then later access, your deals from anywhere, at the click of a button. Find out how to Save for Later in our handy tutorial!

Historically Great Mother's Day Gifts

Will the gift you give your mom this Mother's Day go down in history as one of the all-time greatest? Nope! But check out these historically great Mother's Day gifts — from Greek gods to Elvis — and see which gifts for mom withstand the test of time.

Best Travel Deals: Free Flights at Expedia, 50% off Amelia Island Hotel in FL

Ready to pack it all in and head to the beach? Have a gander at this week's travel deals to save money across the country and abroad. We've found Virgin America 1-way flights for just $38 and stays at an Amelia Island hotel in Florida that will save you almost 50%. And to top it all off: Expedia is offering 100% back on the price of your flight when you book a vacation package.

Here's Everything You'll Get With That Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft wants Windows to become the best multi-platform OS in the world, and it's unveiling a free upgrade to make it happen. Is access to Cortana and a new browser enough to make you upgrade to 10?

Buy This, Not That: The 10 Best Gifts for Mother's Day

Your mom raised you, so the least you can do is put a little thought into her present. We show how to avoid common pitfalls and cliches with your Mother's Day gift.

Rumor Roundup: Will the iPhone 7 Be the Strongest One Ever?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple, GTA VI, Tesla, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

The Week's Best Freebies: Free LEGO Star Wars Set, 2 Months of Audible

Everyone knows the best things in life are free (or nearly free)! That's why we're bringing you another roundup of the week's best freebies. Read on to see how you can score free LEGOs, an Audible membership, and more.

Clothing Deals for Mom: No More Mom Jeans! Nike Jacket for $33

Fellow moms, it's 2015. Dressing ourselves on a tight family budget doesn't have to mean embracing those ugly Mom Jeans anymore! In the spirit of Mother's Day, we've rounded up the week's best women's clothing deals.

What to Expect From 2015 Mother's Day Deals

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Since traditional gifts like flowers and jewelry are in high demand before the holiday, it's unlikely that you'll get the very best prices. However, our research shows there are still Mother's Day deals to be had, if you know where to look. Make your mama proud and read on to find out which gifts will offer big savings in 2015.

May the Fourth Be With You: 10 Incredibly Odd 'Star Wars' Collectibles

Since May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, is upon us, we've rounded up weird (and awesome) ways for Jedi and Sith lovers alike to spend their cash. Darth Vader poncho, anyone?

Best Tablet Deals: 5 Editors' Choice Tablets, Android From $50

This week's best tablet deals are packed with Editors' Choice prices from an all-time low on an iPad Air to a Windows tablet bundle that saves you $46. Plus, we've got two budget Android tablets starting at $50.

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