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Why Do Mac Laptops Seem to Last Longer Than Windows Laptops?

Recently when we published an article about the new Apple MacBook, the comment section lit up with opinions from readers on which laptops are better, Windows or Macs. And a frequent sentiment was expressed: Mac laptops are pricier, but they last longer. But why does it seem that way? We turned to a devout PC user for some answers.

Best Travel Deals: Lowest Price Ever for a Riviera Maya Vacation, Free In-Flight Internet

Need to get away? Check out this week's top travel deals to save on flights to Europe, vacation packages to Mexico, and a 2-night stay at an extremely well reviewed resort in the Florida Keys.

Weekend Jolt: DayQuil Cough Bottles for $3, All-Time Low for an Inspiron 15 Laptop

Stock up on DayQuil to beat the change-of-season colds for just $3 or you can spend a little bigger and invest in a Dell Inspiron 15 that's hit an all-time low. These deals, and more are in today's list of five Editors' Choice deals that we found overnight and early this morning.

Rumor Roundup: Red Dead Redemption Sequel?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple Watch, Red Dead Redemption, Captain Marvel, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

Headbangin' Headphone Deals From $17 or Get 2 Sets for Just $20

Whether you're a money-conscious commuter looking for a rockin' pair of buds or an audio connoisseur seeking the best sound around, you've come to the right place. No matter your budget, there's a pair (or two) of cans for you in this week's roundup of the best headphone deals.

10 Hiking Essentials to Gear Up for Spring

It's the time of year to hit the trails and enjoy the great outdoors. But what apparel, tools, and emergency supplies do you need to stay safe and comfortable while hiking?

Best Clothing Sales: Free Shipping at PUMA, Up to 60% Off Burberry

Who says you need a logical reason to buy a new outfit? Even if you're not legitimately filling a hole in your closet, shopping this week's best clothing sales won't put a hole in your budget!

10 Costly Ways We Fail at Being Green (And What You Can Do About It)

We all know we should use less gas, recycle more, and ditch plastic bags, but we're only human. Let's look at some realistic ways we can help the environment, and your bottom line.

The Right Deals for the Job: Save Over $100 on Ryobi Power Tools

Keeping your home in tip-top shape is easy when you've got the right tools for the job. Whether you're looking for ladders, power tools, or just a few extra bits, you'll find it all in this week's roundup of the best tool deals.

Help Us Out: Do You Buy Electronics Based on Want or Need?

It's the question every cash-conscious consumer asks themselves while shopping: Am I buying this because I need it or because I want it? This is especially at play with gadgets since the rapid pace of innovation sometimes makes our devices seem obsolete just months after purchasing.

So we're curious to know, how do you make your tech purchases? Take our survey and let us know how you decide when it's time to upgrade your gadgets. Your input will help us with a future article!

Best Laptop Deals: $169 Off Apple's Newest 13" MacBook Air, $100 Off Current-Gen Intel

This week's roundup of the best laptop deals includes five can't-miss Editors' Choice deals starting with $169 off Apple's just-released 2015 MacBook Air. We've also found a budget Lenovo for an astonishingly low $199 and three mainstream machines from $399.

The Best Tax Day Freebies for 2015: Massages, Dinner, Coffee and More

Tax Day is here! Reward yourself with a plethora of freebies that won't lighten your wallet any further, and check back for more throughout the day.

Money Does Grow on Trees: How Planting a Tree Can Save You Money

Earth Day is coming up, and being green can save you some green too. In fact, a healthy, mature tree in your yard can add between $1,000 and $10,000 to the value of your home. Read on for all the financial benefits of planting trees on your property.

VIDEO: Lab-Grown Burgers Are Cheaper, But Still Gross?

The price of lab-grown meat has dropped from $325,000 to around $11 in just two years! In this brief video, our experts discuss if a lower price makes it more appealing, or if the whole "grown in a lab" thing is gross.

12 Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Apple Watch

After years of rumors and anticipation, Apple's smartwatch is finally within reach. But before you make that Apple Watch purchase, find out which nuances are getting the most buzz and what you may not like about Apple's latest gadget.

Spend Your Tax Refund on Video Games!

The tax man has cometh and goneth, and hopefully you're on the receiving end of a lovely refund. While you could spend that money on something practical, we're going to leave our weekly roundup of the best video game deals right here. Just in case.

Best HDTV Deals: 1080p Sets You Can Afford From $270

Budget TVs dominate this week's best TV deals with prices that max out at $700. If you prefer the all-inclusive features of a modern-day set, we've also found a 40" 4K Samsung TV that's currently $249 off.

10 Best Coupons of the Week: Take $100 Off Dell PCs, 25% Off at Eddie Bauer

In this day and age, who's got the time to search for a coupon? We do! To help you stay on top of all things discount, we've rounded up the 10 best coupons of the week. You can trim $100 off select Dell computers, take an extra 25% off at Eddie Bauer, and even save 20% on hockey equipment.

Best Men's Shoe Deals: Over $100 Off Bass Boots, adidas Sneakers for $24

From adidas to UGG, some of the best shoe brands around are seeing serious sales this week. Because we're always looking out for you (and your feet), we've rounded up the very best men's shoe deals.

9 Things That Are Cheaper When You're Ant-Man

The latest Ant-Man trailer dropped today, and since our secret identity is The Deal Finder — "Defending humanity against over-paying, one deal at a time!" — we're interested in exploring the money saving aspects of Ant-Man's ability to get teeny-tiny (to use the scientific term).

1040 Surprising Facts About Taxes... Just Kidding, Only 7

Tax Day is stressful. Make it a little more fun with some surprising facts, like how Romanian witches and the 1% are handling their returns. Or, look fondly back at the 18 glorious years in which income tax was illegal in the US.

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Nothing can destroy your productivity like a slow Internet connection. But before you waste hours on the phone with your ISP, we've got a few suggestions you can use to help improve your Internet connection.

DealTip: Change the Size of Our Images

By default, we set the images on our deals to an extra large size, so you can see the items better. But did you know that you can opt to make them smaller instead, if you prefer squinting (or fitting more deals on a single screen)? Just click on the pull-down box labeled "view" at the top of the Today's Deals feed, then choose from medium, large, or x-large, and our images will adjust accordingly. (Click here to see an illustration of where to find the selector, if, like Waldo, it's eluding you.)

Why no "small" option? Because we tried it once, and the only sales we made were for magnifying glasses. (That's just a little joke.)

Best Travel Deals: Save Up to $1,800 on a Bahamas Cruise

Bags packed and nowhere to go? Check out this week's top travel deals to save on flights to Washington D.C., vacation packages to Maui, and a 4-night Bahamas cruise in May. With savings of up to $1,798, you and your wallet can sit back and relax.

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