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L.L.Bean's Popular Shipping and Return Policies Might Be in Danger

L.L.Bean customers have been enjoying its generous free shipping and return policies for years, but now the brand is looking to cut costs. We examine the odds of finding these services on the chopping block.

Amazon Just Matched Walmart's $35 Free Shipping Minimum

Amazon increased the price threshold for its free standard shipping only a year ago. But now the online megaretailer is once again requiring a $35 minimum order for free shipping — and we could have Walmart to thank.

More Than New Orleans: 7 OTHER Cities That Celebrate Mardi Gras

Every year, 1.4 million people descend on New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. But not everybody wants (or can afford) to join them. Here are seven alternative Mardi Gras celebrations to consider.

Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data, but It'll Cost You

You can finally get unlimited data plans on all the major carriers again, but the cost and catches might not be worth it.

Doing Your Own Taxes? Find Out Which Software Is Best

Today's tax prep programs are as convenient as tax preparation gets. But what do you need — and how much do you have to pay to get it? To help you decide, we run down the pros, cons, and costs of the best tax software out there.

What is Drop Shipping and What Does It Mean for You?

Your favorite online retailers might be putting your orders into the hands of third-party suppliers. Here's what you need to know about drop shipping — including how it might lead to less reliable shipping and higher costs.

What to Expect From 2017 Presidents' Day Sales

Presidents' Day is a prime time for deals on mattresses, clothing, and other items. Since sales might already be starting this week, now is the time to begin looking for discounts. Here's our guide to the Presidents' Day sales and deals you can expect in 2017.

Here's How to Watch the 2017 Oscar Nominees for Less

The Oscars are just a few weeks away, which means there's a limited amount of time to catch up on all the nominees. Fortunately, we've rounded up all the ways to watch the nominated movies without breaking the bank, from renting and streaming to getting deals on theater tickets.

Expect Fewer Deals From Chipotle This Year

Fast-food chain Chipotle has been running more promos over the last year, partly to bring customers back after multiple outbreaks of food-borne illness. Now it's reporting there'll be fewer deals in 2017.

3 FREE Ways to File Your Taxes Online

You don't have to spend a fortune to file your taxes online. In fact, you may be able to file your federal and state returns for free if you meet certain criteria. Here are some free tax-filing options to get you started.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Type of Relationship

Valentine's Day is a holiday for couples, but not all relationships are the same! We've busted our brains to break down some of the best — and worst — Valentine's Day gifts you can give in each phase of a relationship.

Amazon Killer? Walmart Announces Free 2-Day Shipping

Walmart has been trying to compete with Amazon's popular Prime 2-day free shipping for years. Now the megaretailer is providing free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 — no membership required. Are you tempted?

Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Type of Guy

When Valentine's Day comes around, no one seems to offer up many suggestions for guys. But we're going to fix everything that's wrong with Valentine's Day! Here's our no-fail list of Valentine's Day gift suggestions for different types of dudes.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Type of Woman

Your time is running out! Whether you're looking to save or splurge, we've got Valentine's Day gift suggestions to suit just about any gal.

How to Save on ANYTHING With Gift Cards

Just like anything else, gift cards can go on sale — and that means you're basically getting cheaper money. Here's where to find the best discounted gift cards, and how to not get scammed.

The Best (and Worst) Things to Buy Every Month of the Year

Saving money is not something you do once in a while — you do it every day of the year! To that end, we've compiled all of our individual monthly buying guides into a handy list of the best things to buy each month.

What to Expect From Valentine's Day Deals

You've just recovered from Christmas, but Valentine's Day is right around the corner. To avoid paying too much and getting stuck with lackluster gifts, start planning your romantic day now.

Find an Awesome Valentine's Day Gift for Every Budget

Valentine's Day shopping can be challenging, to say the least. You want to gift your sweetie something awesome, but you don't want to go broke. Fortunately, we've found awesome Valentine's Day picks for every budget, from DIY cocktails to personalized getaways.

How to Not Go Broke on Valentine's Day (and Other Best Bets for February)

From Valentine's Day to Super Bowl parties, February can be an expensive month. Fortunately, savvy shoppers can find deals on these events, plus Presidents' Day home goods sales, winter clearance apparel, and more.

Buying a TV Is Easy When You Know These Terms

Right up until the 2000s, all you needed was a modestly sized TV with cathode ray tubes, a perfectly square screen, and a plug in the back for your VCR. But times have changed, and we're here to help you sort through the jargon and find the right set for your needs.

8 Great Picks From Sperry That Aren't Boat Shoes

Sperry has become synonymous with boat shoes, which is pretty fair since founder Paul Sperry invented them. But even if nautical isn't really your aesthetic, it's worth checking out Sperry's Semi-Annual Sale, where shoes, apparel, and accessories are marked up to 50% off, with a coupon that knocks an additional 10% off. The selection includes far more than just boat shoes, and we've picked eight such items to grab before the sale ends on February 8.

Beat the Winter Blues With 10 Cozy Items From Walmart's Bed & Bath Sale

Is the dreary bleakness of winter getting you down? Introducing hygge: the Scandinavian art of coziness built on relishing everyday comforts. You don't need any special equipment, just the kind of standard home items in this sale. We've got 10 suggestions to aid you on your quest for contentment.

TODAY Is the Last Day to Book the Best Price on a Presidents' Day Flight

If you want to book flights on a budget for Presidents' Day, get your tickets now. And by now, we mean today. We break down this year's Presidents' Day airfare deals, and tell you just why you'll want to book your flights ASAP.

6 Things to Know When Buying Glasses Online

Want to save money on eyewear? One option is to shop online, where you'll find a better selection and lower prices. But there are pitfalls to avoid. Here are six things to know when buying glasses on the internet.

10 Things to Know About the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced the new Switch console back in October, but with few concrete details. Now we've got the skinny on the system's pricing and release date, games, capabilities, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Diamonds

Why spend three months' salary on a stone that comes with environmental and ethical concerns? Lab-created diamonds are real gems at a fraction of the cost, and guaranteed conflict-free.

McDonald's Just Cut the Price of Its Coffee Drinks

Buying coffee on the regular can get expensive if you're constantly picking up your favorite brew from a high-end shop. Fortunately, McDonald's is here to save caffeine addicts some extra cash... for the next few months.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Phone

Going with a less-than-new phone can save you a bundle. But if you choose poorly, you could end up with a non-functioning phone and no return policy. Here's what you need to know about buying a used cell phone — and seven questions to ask before doing so.

Great Deals You Can Bag on Friday the 13th If You're Not Superstitious

While some shoppers will want to stay home and hide today, there are plenty of savings to be had for brave dealseekers. Find cheap flights, inexpensive ink, and more.

Another One Bites the Dust (Sort Of): The Limited Has Closed All Its Physical Stores

Unlike similar struggling brick-and-mortar retailers, The Limited's closings covered all of its locations, and were mostly a surprise. You can still shop online, although it comes with a few catches.

5 Strategies That Gyms Use to Hook You (and How to Not Fall for Them)

Joining a gym in January means you may encounter high-pressure sales tactics. If you want to avoid overpaying for a gym membership, be aware of these five sneaky strategies — and have a game plan for fighting back.

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Flight

Finding a good bargain on airfare is becoming a complicated process. Fortunately, it's not impossible to find cheap plane tickets. We have five tips to help you get the best deal on your next flight.
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