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Don't Have Gifts Ready for Christmas? Here's the Perfect IOU

Whether you want to take advantage of post-Christmas sales or you simply dropped the ball, this IOU has you covered.

Look, we get it. It's difficult to hear us prattle on about how much cheaper everything will be after the holidays, knowing full well that many of you absolutely must exchange gifts on or before December 25. How useful is it to know that a certain sweater will be less expensive in January when you have eager friends and family awaiting gifts next Wednesday?

Being the problem-solvers that we are, we came up with the perfect solution: an IOU that lets you forgo the normal gift-giving timeline! This festive "get out of jail" card even applies to the generic "I dropped the ball" shopper who just didn't get his act together in time for Christmas. With this little slip of paper, you will be saved from having gifts at the ready on December 25... assuming you at least have ink in your printer.

holiday IOU

Ready to print it off? Click on the image for an enlarged version.

And just like that, you're off the hook! Readers, with this shortened holiday season, are any of you likely going to need an IOU? What additional reasons should we consider adding to the list for next year?

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another reason to add can be "the gift didn't ship in time" or "I was to lazy to order your gift in time for the holiday"
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