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Help Us Out: Did You Buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Console?

xbox one ps4It has now been several months since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debuted, and we're curious to know if any of our video game-loving readers have made the jump to the next generation. Did you buy either of these new consoles? Are you gaming on a different platform? Does console price have anything to do with your decision? Take our very short survey and help us out on a future feature!
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Wii U, PC, and PS4
I bought the ps4. I've always peen a playstation fan. Bought the Xbox 360 and couldn't handle the controller. Love the new ps4! The only thing I hate about the ps4 is the headphone jack coming out of the controller. I have wireless headphones that I now have to plug into the controller after I purchased a special ps4 chat cable. Very disappointed in that because that is exactly the same way the Xbox 360 was. The ps4 does have Bluetooth capability but it does not recognize my headset. Maybe it will in a future update. Fingers crossed
PS4 is faster and cheaper. Not much of a choice.
PS4 was my choice on consoles. MS is garbage for exclusives minus Halo,Gears and Forza. Really only Forza now since the guys behind Halo and Gears (Bungie and Epic) aren't making anymore games in those franchises, and I found Halo 4 and Gears Judgement pretty big disappointments. So even if MS didn't give the finger to their core customers back last May (Limits on Borrowing, Trading, Selling games, Always online and saying it's impossible to switch off, forced use of the Kinect, Microsoft NuAds), I would still stick with the PS4, due to Sony having a much better first party line up. Uncharted, Infamous, God Of War, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Soul Caliber V, Gran Turismo, Motorstorm, Heavy Rain, Beyond, Folklore, Ni No Kuni, Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Starhawk...Sony has a pedigree in games that only Nintendo can match, the difference is that Sony actually puts out games.

But for non-1st Party games, PC is the best. A $300 Walmart PC + $150 GTX750 Ti =WIN
Half of my friends got XboxOne... the other half got PS4... at get togethers we do the "which one is better"... between exclusive games, frame rates, prices, backward compatabilities, specs, etc.

i'm the last hold out... i have both older versions of the system... currently spending my evenings on the 360 playing COD4... Titan Fall seems awesome... but as of right no i'm still on the fence on both systems... I honestly wished that groups on both systems could play the same game together... part of my decision will also be based on which friends I want to play games with... so torn!!!!
I must admit that I bought both. Due to the fact that neither has really released any games, they're both still in the air right now. But I have a feeling that the upcoming release of Titanfall might change that for the Xbox One.
I've been a Sony guy since PS1... I know have a 5 yr and a 3 yr old (both boys thank goodness) so I've been away from gaming for that 4 years. I'm now getting back into it. I have a PS3 and a wii. My ps3 however finally kicked the bucket. I ended up getting a PS4 at launch and can you believe its still in the box!! Of all things I'm now playing on a 360 that my sister in law was just going to get rid off. Been playing fallout NV and have Red Dead after that. I think it will be a while before I open up that ps4 (or when the next Metal Gear solid comes out).
All of the big games this year, including the late-year Destiny, are coming out on PS3/360, so there's no real need yet. Might as well wait to see how the platforms shake out for a year or two. Currently leaning PS4, and honestly may have to pick one up if it ever adds support for 3D Blu-Ray (I'll need something to play Gravity 3D over and over).

I have a Wii U, though, which is awesome. So many great games you'll never get anywhere else.
I have the XB1, PS4, and all previous generation consoles. Unfortunately the console that gets the most play is the Wii U. Even though the catalog is lacking, there are several fun party games that keep us entertained for hours. The Mario franchise does not disappoint, and replay value is quite high. Also I'm sick and tired of hearing prepubescent males on both XB1, PS4 slander me and my mother. It's old and it kills multi-player on any platform.
Xbox One is the best. Own 3 games. PS4 has no next gen exclusives so they constantly talk about 1080p and 60fps on multiplatform games that don't matter.
Also, Sony is considering adding the media streaming capabilities the PS3 had, which is another reason why I went with it. I was pretty mad when I heard they were not doing that, so I was going to get the XONE. I went with the PS4 because I think they will bring that back because a lot of people are complaining about it, and I didn't want a stupid kinect (I don't like talking to my TV, never have) since I like to move my console around a fair bit, and the smaller console is better for that as well.

Overall, I think you will be equally satisfied with either, but if I didn't get such a good deal on one, I would be waiting as many people are. I have a massive backlog on my PS3 from PS+.
I have PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS, and a good gaming PC. I got a used PS4 for $277 from Amazon marketplace, otherwise I would have neither. I really like the PS4, many UI improvements over the PS3. True, it is very game light so far, but I am excited about the future of the console. I will probably also get an XONE at some point, but probably not until a price drop or 2nd generation of the console unless there is a must have killer game that I have to have, and Titanfall is not that because I can play on 360 or PC. I can play on my friends system if I need to as well.

My favorite feature of the PS4 is that you can listen to all audio through the mini plug jack in the controller, which is AWESOME! This was a game changer for me as a father of 3 that loves to crank the sound, and it sounds great with good volume and good quality audio. I know the XONE can have the same feature, but it will cost $25 and require a bulky dongle that isn't out yet.
I'm in the market (Hah! It took this long) for a PS3..and not, for a PS4. Not this early, for a dearth of PS4 games and discs..

I'll use the PS3 mainly as a Bluray player...for my 55" LG 3D LED/Edge Backlit, thin bezel HDTV coupled with a bombastic, super slim LG NB4532B sound bar/subwoofer combo.

I bought a Wii U. :)

Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, and Wonderful 101 have been keeping me busy for sometime. I'll get Pikmin 3 probably a bit later in the year--Donkey Kong too.

Though it's been a year, the games are slowly trickling down.

Then again, I have dozens of games left to play, from my 3DS and Wii, to my 360 and PS3. There's really no reason to buy any other system--because I don't have the time to play them all!
After 30 years playing console wars, I finally quit and with no regrets. I traded my xbox 360 and PS3 for a nintendo 3ds xl and dedicated my life to PC gaming.
I bought bought on launch day had issues with the ONE returned back to BB And bought aniPad air and still have the PS4
Don't get xbox one. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition runs at 30fps whereas PS4 runs at 60fps. PS4 hardware is superior than xbox one and is $100 cheaper.
While I've owned both Playstation and Xbox over the past two generations, XBox was hands my preferred consoles. The Playstations typically servered as dvd / blu-ray players

I jumped on the PS4 first this time around thanks to the price and superior specs. -> I'm extremely happy with it.

Halo 2 Anniversary has me drooling though. As such, I'll probably have an XB1 in 2014.
got the xbox one bc of fps games, especially halo!
I have FAR to many PS3 games in my backlog to even think about getting a PS4.
shortest survey ever! - how about an additional comment section, i guess that is what this box is for.

Purchased ps3 and 360 on day 1. 360 burnt out twice, so i stuck with ps3 for most of that gens life, i mean i am still using my backwards compatible, 4usb port, wifi having FAT PS3 since the day it came out!!!!
(though i did buy a slim 360 later on since i got a deal on a used one)

I purchased both the PS4 and the ONE. i never played the ONE (as in i beat single player BF 4 then never turned it on again), so i let a friend borrow it for a couple months. i will probably ask for it back once i can get titan fall used for $45 or less.

I probably still play the PS3 the most and only for GTA V.

If i could only have 1 next gen, i would recommend the PS4. cheaper, more powerful, smaller.

note: "more powerful" does not necessarily mean better graphics, just means it doesn't need to run as hard to achieve same graphics, also means might have more long term potential.
Answering your questions above (already did the survey); no, no, yes. Price of console is important, but of greater consequence is losing the ability to use my, what, 40 existing PS3 games. If any version of the PS4 had backwards capability, I'd buy it. Even if it cost $200 more that the standalone version, that's nothing compared to 40 games x $40 each on average. Play online - only some titles? Meh. Sony could have done better. On the other hand, staying with my PS3 means a lot of really cheap used games will be on the market soon, so I'm going that route.
I made the jump from XBOX to PC and steam and so should you.
i have the ps4 its "your own media" streaming unlike the ps3...i might get the xbox1 because of the xbox exclusive game, Titanfall.. :(