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Will This Be the Last Time Thanksgiving Beats Black Friday for Deals?

Don't eat too much turkey! Once again, Thanksgiving will rack up more Editors' Choice deals than Black Friday.

November has basically turned into an entire month of discount shopping, with the best congregating in the day before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. But one day in particular stands apart, and once again, it won't actually be Black Friday.

Thanksgiving Day Wins for the Fourth Straight Year

No one is really surprised anymore by retailers remaining open on Thanksgiving Day — in fact, we tend to be more surprised when a retailer closes that day. So it makes sense that this day is taking over as the one with the best deals.

Last year, Black Friday had fewer Editors' Choice deals than either the day before (Thanksgiving) or the following Monday (Cyber Monday). As we expected, Thanksgiving was the one to come out on top, for the fourth year in a row.

Last year, Black Friday had fewer Editors' Choice deals than either Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday.

However, Black Friday still had more deals in general than Turkey Day overall; so by our count, Black Friday had more deals, but Thanksgiving had better deals.

But when it came to Cyber Monday, Black Friday lost on all fronts. Monday showed more Editors' Choice picks, and more deals total, than Black Friday.

Be Wary of Early Sales, Jump on Deals Through the Weekend

Even though the deals are starting in the weeks before Thanksgiving now, that doesn't mean they're noteworthy. The closer to Black Friday, the better the deals tend to be. Last year, there were more than twice as many Editors' Choice picks on Thanksgiving than on the day before.

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However, don't think the deals are done once Thanksgiving is over. There might be fewer really notable deals over the following few days, but there are still tons compared to the rest of the year. Although there were fewer Editors' Choice deals throughout the weekend, they still amounted to about 26% of all the deals we saw during that period.

More Stores Closing on Thanksgiving

For years, stores have opened earlier and earlier. But in 2016, the backlash has begun.

The Mall of America and other major shopping centers have announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. They join stores like Costco, REI, and GameStop that were closed on the day last year. Not only did stores attract negative publicity for keeping employees from their families, but reports suggest that in-store sales just weren't worth it. Shoppers will definitely shop on Thanksgiving, but probably not until dinner is over; and then, the convenience of online shopping could win out.

With a decrease in Thanksgiving store hours, retailers could shift their deals and discounts back to Black Friday. Will Thanksgiving lose its Editors' Choice crown in 2016? We will be the first to let you know!

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Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@ski522 The good people at DealNews work on holidays too ;)
Why do retailers get a black eye here?!?! Police work on holidays, airline pilots works on holidays, medical staff work on holidays, wait staff work on holidays, movie staff works on holidays, IT staff for online shopping work on holidays, hotel staff works on holidays, and the list goes why are you getting upset that retail is open?
Yep, have to agree there. No matter what county you setup shop in to make a profit, you should at least respect that countries holidays so that the population can celebrate that holiday the way it was intended. It's one of the few "Family" type days of the year, try and keep it that way.
I find this article while correct price-wise is sad - society-wise. Retailers have always hated Thanksgiving because it gets in the way of a having what they really want: 6 months of Xmas shopping. This is simply a method to exterminate the holiday that we know as Thanksgiving. Not that I'm on a moral high horse, but can't we allow the families of workers on T-Day to just be at home - like everybody else? Jeez ....