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Features Archives for November 2013

Best Black Friday Storage: Cheapest 2TB External HDD without Rebate Hassles

They may not be the sexiest gadgets on your shopping list, but these Editors' Choice data storage deals offer some spectacular discounts. We've got the cheapest 2TB drive ever, and ultra cheap SD cards. But hurry! These storage deals sell out very quickly.

Best Black Friday Video Games: All Editors' Choice Deals for Wii U & Windows

Though Black Friday has come and gone, you can still score great Black Friday console and PC video game deals. We're highlighting Editors' Choice savings on gamer-friendly deals, but you'd better snag 'em now! Deals this hot just don't last long. Fortunately we found Batman Arkham City & Dishonored on sale again for $9 and $5, respectively.

Best Black Friday Apple Deals: $100 iTunes Credit for $85, iPad Air for $450

Just because Apple isn't inclined to offer big Black Friday discounts doesn't mean you can't score a deal on an iDevice. You can save $15 on a $100 iTunes gift card and seriously consider getting the iPad Air for at a $49 savings. But don't waste any time; these Apple deals are super hot and going fast!

Best Black Friday Toys: Save big on Star Wars, Monsters University, and LEGO

December may be the best time to buy toys, but there's still a lot of great Black Friday toy deals around. Give in to your inner child's pleadings and check out all these Editors' Choice toy sales like a Monsters University plush for just $10 and free shipping at LEGO Shop. But be quick! These in-demand deals have a habit of disappearing.

Best Black Friday Tablets: 6 Tablets Under $200, Nexus 7 for $190

Unlike last Black Friday, getting a great deal on a hot, new iPad or Kindle Fire is a breeze ... if you know where to look! Get a quad-core tablet for $85, save $10 on the Nexus 7, and score a kids' tablet for under $100. Just be fast, because these Black Friday tablet deals expire quickly.

Best Black Friday Smartphones: Pay 1 Cent for a Phone, Get a $100 Gift Card

Whether you're an iPhone devotee or an Android addict, we've gathered the best Editors' Choice Black Friday cell phone deals for your perusal — including a slew of "for profit" promotions that include a $100 gift card for free.

Best Black Friday Laptops: Buy a Super-Charged Laptop and Get a Free 50" TV

This Black Friday, touchscreen laptops have hit the mainstream and we've got the Editors' Choice laptop deals to prove it! But even if you're not tied to touch-capable displays, we've got all types of laptop steals, including a high-end MSI configuration that comes with a free 50" TV.

Best Black Friday Home Goods: Save 15% at CB2, Black & Decker Vac for $30

Home, sweet convenient home. From a $10 overnight drop on a Black & Decker hand vac to the cheapest 14-piece Pyrex set we've seen this year, these Editors' Choice home good deals are all about establishing a new level of comfort and ease in your living space.

Best Black Friday Tools: Drills & Saws from Sears & Home Depot

Check out these Editors' Choice Black Friday drills, saws & screwdriver deals that would make Tim Allen giggle. But be quick! These in-demand deals have a habit of disappearing.

Best Black Friday Clothing: Save 50% at Gap & Old Navy, Take 40% off Rockport

Do you need new clothes after yesterday's big Thanksgiving meal? Time to shop the sale racks and accessorize with the best Black Friday apparel deals around. Right now, you can save 50% at Gap and Old Navy, or take 40% off Juicy Couture and Rockport.

Best Black Friday Camera Deals: Point-n-Shoot & Mirrorless Cameras from $49

Hello, budding photographer! These Black Friday camera deals on DSLR bundles, point-and-shoot models, and more are all Editors' Choices. Get a WiFi-enabled point-and-shoot camera for $130 or choose an entry-level DLSR for as little as $270. But you'll have to act fast, because these camera deals will be gone in a flash.

UPDATE: Why Wait? 11 Black Friday Doorbusters You Can Score Right Now

With this year's Black Friday sales, merchants are going the extra mile and quietly dropping their prices days ahead of schedule, meaning you can score some of Black Friday's best deals right now. We've rounded up all the items we could find that were already marked down to their advertised Black Friday price or lower.

Knock Out Your Entire Holiday Shopping List This Black Friday

Rather than sleeping through the busiest shopping week of the season — not to mention all the potential savings — and likewise, not to waste any more time thinking what to buy your nearest and dearest, we've put together the ultimate Black Friday gift guide! From secret Santas to significant others, here are some of the best Black Friday deals that will make great gifts and keep you on budget.

The Perfect Remedy for Black Friday Overload: Pets in Thanksgiving Costumes!

As humans, we glean an inordinate amount of amusement from dressing our animal companions in costumes ranging from the cute to the bizarre. We'll take any occasion — the arrival of spring, the holiday season, and of course Halloween. Thanksgiving is no exception. These are our 11 of our favorite pets that have gone all-out to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in December

December is a month when you almost can't avoid shopping. But in order to keep your holiday spirits up, you'll want to shop wisely and read our December buying guide. We've pored over the extensive DealNews archives of sales, coupons, and daily deals from years past to guide you in your quest for December's most savvy purchases.

The Very Best of the 2013 Black Friday Ads: The Final Roundup

With just a few days left until Black Friday, now is the time to solidify your game plan. Where will you buy that new HDTV? Which store has the lowest prices on video games? Should you bite on a large appliance? In order to help you make decisions like these, we've put together a final roundup of the best Black Friday deals from every category.

2013 Thanksgiving & Black Friday by the Numbers

Black Friday is so close we can practically taste it! But before we charge out the door on Thanksgiving, we want to pause for a minute and think about what this all adds up to. We've crunched some big numbers in the lead up to this major shopping event, and think this is a great space to talk about Black Friday by the numbers.

Stores Will Use Deals to Control Crowds This Black Friday

We've all heard the Black Friday horror stories about out of control crowds. But is it really dangerous to head to the store on Black Friday? What steps are retailers taking to protect customers and employees during the shopping holiday? Read on to see how merchants will try to maximize safety — and profits — during the Black Friday season.

A Ballsy & Bellsy Christmas Tune: Kmart's "Show Your Joe" Commercial

Another Kmart commercial, another uproar! The company's new boxer commercial for the holidays is ringing some people's bells. Judge for yourself if it's edgy, button-pushing, inappropriate, or just insipid.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Tablet Ads: These Deals Surpass All Expectations

With Black Friday only a week away, we've had plenty of time to review the leaked Black Friday deals from many, many retailers. It's clear that this is going to be a great year to pick up a previous-generation Kindle Fire HD or iPad, but there are also deals to be had on Windows tablets and tablets for kids. Read on to see our latest roundup of the best tablet ads so far.

Amazon Black Friday Sale Preview: Bringing Competitor Doorbusters Online

Amazon has finally sent around a preview of its Black Friday Sale. Starting on Sunday, November 24 (that's a whole day earlier than last year), Amazon will post a new deal every 10 minutes for eight days straight. That's a lot of deals. But are any worth your time?

The Extreme Prepper's Guide to Completely and Utterly Avoiding Black Friday

Some people have convinced themselves that it'll never happen, that it's all hype. But Black Friday is coming ... and it's coming soon! Have you made plans for how you're going to survive a direct strike from Black Friday? The anti-consumerist, Buy-Nothing-Day believers with any hope of making it through Black Friday best enact some of these Black Friday survival techniques.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday TV Ads: Seiki Is King of Cheap Big-Screen TVs

The Black Friday TV ads have been unleashed and the shopping season has commenced! Of the best so far, is Seiki holding dual titles of cheapest 4K HDTV and cheapest 55" 1080p HDTV. For you early adopters, we've also found the cheapest name-brand 4K HDTV at $500 off its list price.

How to Win Black Friday: Shopping Strategies (and a Helpful Comic Strip!)

Here at DealNews, we like to say that every day is Black Friday. But that doesn't mean that Black Friday itself isn't an important deal day — there's a reason people camp out in the cold and trample each other for these sales! You don't have to suffer like them, though. By employing a few Black Friday shopping strategies, you can snag all the best Black Friday deals without the hassle of crowds and frostbite.

Best Black Friday Electronics Ads: Free Smartphones, iPod touch at New Low

Black Friday is a gadget lover's holiday, but with so many sales, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. To help you sort through all the ads, we've gathered some of the best Black Friday gadget deals so far.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Tools: What to Buy at Home Depot, Sears, and more

While many shoppers associate Black Friday with consumer electronics, the holiday is also an excellent time to stock up on tools and home appliances. But not all deals are created equal. Here's our breakdown of what hardware stores and deals will be worth your time this Black Friday.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Laptop Ads: Cheapest Chromebook EVAR!

Hear that? It's the clock ticking away the minutes until the Black Friday laptop sales officially begin. Until then, we'll keep rounding up the best of the Black Friday laptop ads so far. Read on to see what the latest crop of ads has yielded.

We've Got Even More Black Friday Freebies!

At its core, Black Friday is all about saving money, and there's no better way to save money than to get stuff for free! We've rounded up all the Black Friday freebies, including BOGOs, gift cards, and outright free items.

People Are Already Camping Out in Front of a Best Buy in Ohio

Believe it or not, there are shoppers that have already started lining up for Black Friday. Yes, it gives us hilarious images of tents outside of a Best Buy, but what makes a person go to such drastic measures?

The Best Black Friday Home Goods Ads: Save Hundreds on Appliances

During last year's Black Friday sales, 35% of all the home and garden deals we listed were marked Editors' Choice. In our perusal of the 2013 Black Friday ads, we've already come across a bevy of incredible deals on appliances and kitchenware.

There's a Reason No One Stands in Line Outside Drugstores on Black Friday

Black Friday isn't just about tech and clothing. Joining the shopping frenzy is your neighborhood drugstore. But is making an early bird trip to the drugstore really something consumers should plan on for Black Friday? We combed through the Black Friday drugstore ads from Walgreens, Rite Aid, and a leaked ad from CVS to find out.

Black Friday Filler Deals Are the Worst!

We strive to ready our deal slingers with ample consumer ammo via our Black Friday ad analyses, but useless "filler deals" can still be hard to spot on the big day. In order to steer clear of such fluff, we've outlined a number of pointers that will help you identify the good from the bad, because not all that glitters is consumer gold.

Best Black Friday Toy & Gaming Ads: 2 Fab 15 Toys Make the List!

Even though we're advocating waiting until the second week in December to buy toys, we were combing through the latest leaked Black Friday toy deals and saw several fun offers that were of note. Here are the best Black Friday toy and gaming deals thus far.

9 Things That Are Surprisingly Less Dangerous Than Frying a Turkey

There are many people in this country who love fried turkey at Thanksgiving, like our dear friend William Shatner. But some culinary wannabes don't know how hazardous frying a turkey can be. So, to put it into perspective, we've put together this list of things that are actually less dangerous than frying a turkey.

Best Black Friday Clothing Ads: Old Navy's Best Storewide Sale of the Year

Black Friday clothing sales have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, with even luxury boutiques offering significant discounts during the shopping holiday. We've rounded up several stand-out clothing, shoes, and accessories deals that we've come across in our perusal of the leaked Black Friday ads.

What It Takes to Score a Black Friday Doorbuster Deal

By now we all know what pre-Black Friday shopping looks like. Throngs of shoppers camped outside retail stores, hoping to score one of the season's first doorbusters. As professional deal hunters, we're here to show you how to increase your chances of getting a doorbuster, and more importantly — consider if it's even worth the time and effort in the first place.

A Polygon Editor Picks His 5 Favorite Video Games

Video games have been a staple in many American households since the mid 1970s when Atari's Pong console game became a hit. Now, whether you're a fan of Wii U, Xbox, or some 8-bit relic that's just a hair past the days of Pong, the question of which were the best video games of all time remains.

The Latest Black Friday Ads, News, and Shopping Advice

Black Friday can be really overwhelming, but don't panic: Here at DealNews, we spend all year preparing for Black Friday so you don't have to. Our Black Friday hub is the only place you need to go for all the latest info. So get comfy and then get clicking, deal-seekers; you've come to the right place.

The Best Black Friday Laptop Ads: Cheapest 12" & 14" Touchscreens Ever

This year, we've already seen laptop prices hit historic lows. Can this year's Black Friday sales do better? If the ads are any indication, the answer is a resounding yes!

Rumor Roundup: Master Onion Returns? Curved iPhones?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Apple, Parappa The Rapper , Jennifer Lawrence, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

The PS4 and Xbox One Will Be Up to $50 Cheaper Next Year

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are right around the corner, so the obvious question is: When will we find a deal on these next-gen consoles? Unfortunately, the answer might not be what you want to hear, but your patience will pay off!

Target Black Friday Ad Update: Competitors Will Top Many of These Deals

Target's complete Black Friday ad is now live! We've combed through it to find the best and the worst. And while there are some pretty great deals from the retailer, we've found that in many cases, other competitors will offer slightly better discounts.

Updated: 2013 Thanksgiving & Black Friday Store Hours

Over the years, Black Friday deals have creeped earlier and earlier into the week, and so far this year, a record number of stores will start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day. With some stores opening a full day earlier, it's important for brick-and-mortar Black Friday shoppers to be well aware of store hours.

Walmart Black Friday Ad: The Crazy TV Prices We've Been Waiting For

We've already sorted through some interesting Black Friday ads, but finally, the big names for the holiday are making an appearance; Walmart, our second-best retailer for Editors' Choice Black Friday deals, has released its full Black Friday ad. And judging from the promotions below (which include some amazing TV deals and discounts on Apple products), we're pretty optimistic about what's to come for 2013.

Spoiler Alert: You Can't Binge-Watch Amazon’s New Original Series

Most of us at DealNews have stayed up late to watch just one more episode of Breaking Bad or devoted an entire rainy Saturday to catching up with The Walking Dead. And thanks to streaming TV services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, the common practice of "binge-watching" affords viewers the ability to view back-to-back episodes of a series — sometimes taking in entire seasons of addicting TV shows within weeks. So then why is Amazon debuting new episodes of its original series on a weekly basis?

These 11 Types of People REALLY Hate Black Friday

Here in the DealNews ivory tower, it's easy to forget that not everyone loves Black Friday deals the way we do. Over the course of the last few weeks, we've read so many anti-Black Friday comments that we've been able to discern a pattern; there are at least 11 distinct types of folks who really dislike all that is Black Friday.

Best Buy Black Friday Ad: Some Serious Steals, But Don't Bite on Apple Deals

We've already had a chance to review the ads from Target and Walmart, and now that the entire Best Buy Black Friday ad is available, our picture of Black Friday 2013 is getting clearer by the minute. From what we can tell, Best Buy will have some seriously competitive prices on Black Friday, as long as you're shopping for anything but Apple.

A Trip Down Black Friday Memory Lane: A Decade of Hilarious Deals

Acid-wash jeans, mullets, flared collars, Black Friday deals. These are all things that we once thought were so great back in the day, but now appear pretty silly. Join us, won't you, as we take a look back at several Black Friday deals of yesteryear. They are delightful in their quaint awfulness!

How to Dress for the Elements During a Winter Hike

Staying warm indoors while quaffing brews and watching sports on TV might seem appealing as the temperature begins its winter descent, but that doesn't mean you should go into complete hibernation. You can embrace the season on a winter hike, and all you need are the right clothes ... and maybe some snow.

How to Get Your Car to 200,000 Miles

Whether it;s a source of aggravation or pride (or likely a bit of both), owning a car requires significant investment to keep it in tip-top shape, especially if you're planning on driving it for 200,000 miles. However, there is a payoff: from zero car payments to far fewer cosmetic repairs to worry about once the car is past the 100,000 mile mark, maintaining an automobile is a rewarding endeavor. Just make sure to follow this sound advice.

Black Friday Infographic: Most People Shop Online, Because Why Wear Pants?

What exactly motivates people to shop in-store on Black Friday? And for that matter, why do people decide to shop online instead? You might think that the Almighty Deal dictates our habits, but our reader survey and fancy Black Friday Infographic suggest otherwise.

Rumor Roundup: Jason Schwartzman vs. Dinosaurs?! Steam Leaks? More?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Jason Schwartzman, Nintendo, Call of Duty, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

12 Ways Black Friday 2013 Will Be Different

Black Friday will always be a frenzy of bargains, but with each passing year there are some elements that change. The best way to make the most of this epic shopping event is to be prepared, so we've compiled a list of ways that Black Friday 2013 will be different from previous years.

Let Internet Memes Explain Why Shopping In-Store on Black Friday Is a #FAIL

Black Friday 2013 looms large on the horizon, and everywhere you look, folks are putting on their shopping game faces. But as we've said many, many times, you don't have to go to the store to get the best deals during Black Friday. We're here to hammer home that point with the power of memes. Here are the 10 best reasons to stay home and shop online this Black Friday.

Black Friday, Twitter & Facebook: Ads and Promotions, But No Sales

Black Friday and social media have had a rocky relationship as of late, and the way stores use popular social sites remains in flux. However, we can say that, based on what we know from previous years, we do know that retails will use social media for some Black Friday marketing tasks this year.

Toys "R" Us Black Friday Ad: Killer Deals on the LeapPad and Kindle Fire HD

With the leaking of the 2013 Toys "R" Us Black Friday ad, parents will find a treasure trove of excellent Black Friday deals — although they might want to buy some of the best offers for themselves. Even still, we found some very popular holiday 2013 toy offerings in the massive, 28-page ad.

Survey Says: Black Friday Is A Selfish Holiday!

Tradition suggests that Black Friday dollars are spent on a pretty good cause — buying holiday gifts for our loved ones. So we were surprised to discover that a whole bunch of you guys are turning convention on its head and snatching up the greater portion of Black Friday loot for yourselves!

Holiday Creep Keeps Creepin': Ads, Sales & Store Hours Start Earlier in 2013

This is the "Holiday Creep," and he can be a real jerk sometimes. Even if you're trying to enjoy an activity that's actually appropriate for the season, he's hanging over your shoulder, whispering something in your ear about must-have toys or special layaway terms.

Are These Money-Saving Gadgets and Services Worth the Money?

Ever since the Great Recession of '08, most shoppers have cut back on extravagant purchases. Lots of consumers have also pinched pennies on everyday items, from bottled water to gasoline. Simultaneously, manufacturers and retailers have been trying to sell a myriad of items to budget-minded consumers that purport to be effective tools for saving even more money. But are these gadgets, services, and memberships worth it?

13 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

With all the 2013 Black Friday ad leaks and sneak peeks we've unearthed in the past few weeks, this season's shopping extravaganza is looking ripe with deals and discounts for all. But even though many product categories will see new all-time low prices, not everything will be at its lowest price. In fact, there are 13 items you definitely shouldn't buy on Black Friday.

In Case You Missed It: Recent DealNews Features

There's so much news to cover as we approach Black Friday and the holiday season, you might have overlooked some important information to guide your purchases. Here are some recent features you might have missed: ... and more!

We Haven't Found a Single Freebie Yet Through Amazon Kindle MatchBook

Earlier this week, Amazon launched its Kindle MatchBook program, which lets you download discounted Kindle eBook versions of select titles you've already physically purchased. While there are supposedly 70,000 eligible titles available, and some of them are reportedly free to download, we've yet to find great value in the service.

Rumor Roundup: Is Google Building Floating Barges? Harrison Ford?!

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about video games, Google, Facebook, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!