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Tools And Hardware Features Archives

Garage Full of Deals: $43 off Rockwell Bladerunner Kit, Craftsman Bits for $10

How long has it been since you spiffed up your garage? We've rounded up the week's best tool and hardware deals. Get a garage door insulation kit at a $15 savings, score a Rockwell Bladerunner kit that's dropped $13 since Black Friday, and pick up a Blue Hawk shelving unit for just $20.

The Path to Discounted Hiking Gear: 10 Trail Necessities

Spring has arrived, and for much of the country this means warm days for delightful countryside hikes. Here's a checklist of supplies you probably want to have on hand for both casual and advanced hiking.

8 Tips to Make Sure You're Prepared for Emergencies

Early this morning, California residents experienced a 4.4 earthquake, and while there are reportedly (and thankfully) no injuries or major damage as a result, the news once again reminds us that accidents and disasters can come at any time. Because we can't control or predict when these events happen, we should all be prepared in case of emergency.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it's certainly not lacking in savings. You might not score as big of a discount as you would prefer on a Valentine's Day gift, but this month you'll find deals on several necessities like winter coats and tax software. We've sorted through our archives of sales, coupons, and daily deals to find out what the best and worst things are to buy in February.

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home & Tailgating Needs

Owning a portable generator is a great investment for dialing up the quality of your tailgate party with video and audio on a sumptuous widescreen TV, or just being prepared for winter power outages. But generators come in many shapes, sizes, and (most importantly) price points. Thus, we've created a helpful guide to picking a portable generator.

Tools for Your Car in Case of Emergency

It's almost a law of nature that your car will break down only during the worst conditions, when it's cold, windy, or slushy out. Are you prepared for auto problems that come your way, or will you be stuck out in the rain, waiting for help to arrive? We've compiled this list of the necessary tools and supplies you should make sure you never leave home without.

Best Cyber Monday Tools: $175 off a Storage Chest, Mechanics Tool Set for $85

Ready to do a few DIY projects? Check out these Editors' Choice Cyber Monday tool deals. Grab a 192-piece mechanics tool set for only $85, save $66 on a miter saw, or pick up a selection of hand tools for $2 each.

Best Black Friday Tools: Drills & Saws from Sears & Home Depot

Check out these Editors' Choice Black Friday drills, saws & screwdriver deals that would make Tim Allen giggle. But be quick! These in-demand deals have a habit of disappearing.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Tools: What to Buy at Home Depot, Sears, and more

While many shoppers associate Black Friday with consumer electronics, the holiday is also an excellent time to stock up on tools and home appliances. But not all deals are created equal. Here's our breakdown of what hardware stores and deals will be worth your time this Black Friday.

Prepare Your Car for Winter with Snow Tires and Emergency Supplies

With airfare costs on the rise — and airlines cutting back on space and services — you may want to consider spending Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays closer to home. But there are more driving dangers this time of year, so to ensure the safety of you and your entourage as you embark on your holiday travel plans, take the necessary steps to winterize your car now.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August

During the last few weeks of summer, it can be fun to indulge in a happily lazy routine, perhaps lounging poolside with a cold drink in hand. But as appealing as that may sound, don't let that carefree attitude extend to any of your shopping excursions; there are still clear lines in the sand about what you should, and should not, buy this month. From grills to swimwear, here's what's hot in August.

How to Be Prepared for a Power Outage: Provisions and Preparations

With crazy summer weather across much of the country, take a minute and ask yourself if you and your family are prepared for a blackout. Here's a list of steps you can take and items you should have to ensure you're prepared for a time without electricity.

Power Tools for the Garden: From Chainsaws to Leaf Blowers

Who doesn't love a beautiful lawn with perfectly uniform grass immaculately manicured? These outdoor landscapes involve hard work, planting, cultivating, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. Fortunately, we live in an age where power tools can alleviate some of the hard work necessary to bring about a handsome garden and lawn.

Cutting it Down to Size: Tips for Buying the Best Lawn Mower

When spring rolls around, the resurgence of that lush beautiful green in your yard comes at a price: lawn care. Even if an afternoon spent manicuring the lawn isn't your idea of fun, there are a variety of lawn mowers available to make your job easier.

Green Thumb 101: The 10 Essential Tools to Get Your Garden Growing

For those with green thumbs, there's nothing quite like getting one's hands dirty, planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to mark the beginning of spring. But their successes don't come without the proper gardening tools. For the newbies, we've compiled a list of 10 essential gardening tools, along with some deals that will leave plenty of room in your budget for seeds and plants.

A Techie's Top 5: A Gaming Editor Dishes on His Favorite Gadgets

Contributing Joystiq editor Mike Schramm was formerly a senior editor at, and was one of the founding editors of Massively. Today, we're grateful to add Schramm to our ongoing series, a Techie's Top 5, to see what gadgets this gamer can't live without.

Finally! Proof That It's More Cost Effective to Grow Your Own Roses for V-Day

If you're like us, then every time Valentine's Day comes around, you think: "Hey, I wonder if I could save money over the course of, let's say, 50 years if I just grew my own roses instead of shelling out $60 each time for a bouquet!" Well we decided it was finally time for this age-old theory to be put to the test.

Men Will Spend $176 This Valentine's Day, Women Will Only Spend Half That

While money can't buy you love, it can certainly buy a very romantic night out. Valentine's Day spending is expected to only modestly increase this year, but that still amounts to a staggering $18.6 billion total. Here's how Valentine's Day breaks down by the numbers.

What to Expect from Presidents' Day Sales

Presidents' Day is coming up, and many consider it to be the retail industry's first major sales weekend of the year. But what kind of deals will we encounter next week? We combed through our archives of Presidents' Day bargains from last year to offer some guidance for 2013.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

February may be our shortest month of the year, but it's certainly not lacking when it comes to savings. This month you'll find deals on several necessities like winter coats, home goods, and more. Here's a list of the best and worst things to buy in February.

Analyzing the 2012 Black Friday Ads: Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria's Secret

The Black Friday ads for Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria's Secret have leaked! While Tommy may offer some pretty choice discounts, the promotion from Victoria's Secret leaves us feeling underwhelmed. However, a look into our archives suggests that the lingerie store may offer something better come Black Friday, anyway.

Analyzing the 2012 Black Friday Ads: Harbor Freight Tools Offers Decent Deals

As the Black Friday season ramps up, dealnews will be analyzing every Black Friday ad we come across, separating the bad deals from the good, and in the process letting you know which sales are worth your time. Today, we cross-examine the 2012 Harbor Freight Tools Black Friday ad. And as it turns out, there are many notable items, including a slew of products that are less than last Black Friday.

Video Review: Does Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment Really Work?

Worried that you might have a ghost, but think ghost hunting equipment is too expensive? Who ya gonna call™ to get the best bets for budget bustin'? dealnews, of course. In this video, our resident spirit-finder, Jeff Somogyi, reviews and gives you tips on several pieces of equipment that every "real" ghost hunter should have.

Get a Jump Start on Preparing Your Home and Garden for Fall Weather

With its brisk weather and colored leaves, fall is a beautiful time of year. But if you're not prepared, the cold air will soon invade your home, and those lovely leaves can make a mess of your gutters and yard. Make sure you're equipped for those upcoming fall chores with these tips and tools.

The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo Is Back with 5 More of His Favorite Gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo is back with five more of his favorite gadgets. This week, he gives us the low-down on a must-have series of laptops, solar lights, and even a plush teddy bear speaker that dances as it plays music.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August

While efficient bargain shopping is often dictated by the economic tide, many merchants faithfully follow certain annual sale trends. A better understanding of these patterns means a steady stream of savings for consumers. So, we've put together a list of the best and worst things to buy in August to help you get started.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in July 2012

This month's buying guide offers advice for shoppers during a month in which many sales may seem better than they are. So in order to protect your wallet and spend your money wisely, be sure to read through our July buying guide and shop smart this month.

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Even the nicest, most expensive homes are protected by a skin less than a millimeter thick. Ah, the miracle of paint. If you keep your home's exterior paint in good condition, it can actually save you thousands in home repairs (as well as keep neighbors from gathering in your yard with pitchforks and torches, eager to rid the block of an unsightly blight). Repainting your house is not a casual, finish-in-a-day project, though, especially if you're going to do it right. Here are the steps you must take and the tools you should have at hand to give your home a facelift.

The Right Father's Day Gifts for Every Dad

Not all Dads are created equal. Some play golf, others watch baseball. Some like to cook, others prefer fine dining. Some wear suits, some don sweats. But no matter what kind(s) of Dad(s) you've got in your life, Father's Day is that one day a year where the man who has everything deserves a little something more.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in June

June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year, so you have even more time to shop! But what should you buy now and what should you avoid? We searched through dealnews' extensive archives of deals to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to getting the best deals in June.

10 Cool Tools for Father's Day

Father's Day is just a few weeks away, and don't you want to bring a smile to your old man's face when he opens up the gift from you? Luckily, most guys are relatively easy to buy for; a new tool usually does the trick. We've compiled a list of 10 cool tools (at a variety of price points) that should delight the shade tree mechanic, the woodworker, or the ardent do-it-yourself on your list this year.

5 Handy Tool Kits: Sets of Wrenches for Your Home and Car

Rather than assemble a tool kit piece by piece, it's smart to pick up a put-together tool kit with every tool you'd need to handle minor to moderate repair jobs. And here you'll find deals on just the right tool kits for your home, your car, and more.