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Go Find Your Fun: Save $142 on a Costa Rica Vacation, Flights to D.C. from $128

Remember when vacations were about fun? At some point, you grew up and decided that travel had to be relaxing instead of awesome. We think that's a travesty, so we've rounded up the week's best travel deals that'll help you cut loose. Go find your fun in Costa Rica at a $142 savings, stay at a waterpark resort in Florida at the lowest rate we've seen in a year, and have a President-sized party in D.C. for as little as $128.

Supreme Court: Airlines Can Boot Whiny Frequent Fliers

Frequent fliers, watch out, because the airlines offering these benefits now have the Supreme Court's permission to drop you from their loyalty programs at will.

American Airlines Is the Quickest to Respond to Customers on Twitter

Social media makes it easier than ever to make our customer service frustrations public, and it's especially popular with travelers who are experiencing grievances while flying. So if you're stuck in an airport with very little to do, which airlines are the most likely to respond to your pleas on Twitter?

Timing Is Everything: How to Save the Most Money on a Spring Break Trip

The time to finalize your spring break plans is drawing nigh, but this popular travel season can put you in the red faster than a student loan if you're not careful. However a recent study has revealed that choosing the right time to book and the right time to travel are the key components of scoring an awesome spring break travel deal.

10 Amazing Hotels to Visit While Flights to Scandinavia Are Cheap

Scandinavia is one of the "coolest" travel regions at the moment, thanks to its unspoilt nature, welcoming people, and quirky perspective on accommodation. And thankfully, we've been seeing regular airfare sales of late that can get you there on the cheap.

Putin on the Ritz: Bizarre Hotel Amenities at the Olympics

Wouldn't it be fun to go to the Sochi Winter Olympics? Don't you wish you could be there for the pomp, the circumstance, the medals, and the ... fancy hotels? Well, don't get super excited, because supposedly the hotels are a mess!

Budgeting at the Box Office: How to See This Year's Oscar Nominees for Less

With the Academy Awards just over a month away, we’re gearing up for the celeb-infused night by binging on 2013's cream of the crop silver screen offerings. Lacking in Jordon Belfort’s millions however, we mortals must do our best to scrimp and save in order to afford the luxury of a trip to the movies at a time when theater prices are sky rocketing. Thankfully, we know a few ways to save at the box office that make indulging indulge in Hollywood’s finest affordable.

Offbeat Spring Break Ideas That Save Students as Much as 70%

Spring Break is just around the corner, which means legions of college students will be hitting the beaches and partying like mad. But if the traditional Spring Break package doesn't fit either your temperament or your budget, take a look at these five offbeat, low-cost Spring Break destinations that can save you as much as 70% on your trip.

Blow into the Windy City with These Chicago Travel & Entertainment Deals

Chicago is a favorite vacation destination for many because it has the glamour and attractions of a large metropolis and that friendly, down-to-earth Midwest vibe. There’s something for everyone in Chicago — theater shows, cool music venues, and countless dining options, whether you’d like to try dishes from famous chefs or you want a classic Chicago hot dog and deep-dish pizza (no matter what Jon Stewart says). So pack your bags! We're going to Chi-town.

Best Cyber Monday Travel: 2013's Cheapest Cruises, Flights, and Hotel Stays

A white Christmas isn't for everyone. Good thing there's so many Cyber Monday travel deals around! These Editors' Choice vacation deals will get you to where you'd rather be, whether it's in the Bahamas on the year's cheapest cruise, or aboard a plane via the lowest Virgin America airfares.

Airlines Have Found Even MORE Ways to Annoy Their Passengers

The skies are about to become a bit friendlier, but that's not necessarily a good thing. It came to light last week that several major airlines are adding an extra seat to aisles in coach in order to boost their bottom line. Even frequent and elite travelers aren't exempt from airline changes: the Consumerist discovered that some airlines have done away with free checked bags and a number of Premium Economy seats on popular routes.

10 Celebrity Pennypinchers: "I Only Have One Car, and It's a Toyota Prius"

The celebrity exploits, rumored or real, that most often make the tabloids involve excess. But by contrast, the stars who pinch pennies and drive beaters break the lavish Hollywood lifestyle stereotype, and their stories are just as much fun to read. Here we gather 10 celebs who are rich and frugal, practicing the kind of financial restraint and budgetary austerity you'd sooner expect from your sock-darning, fruit-canning granny.

Airbnb Discount Lodging Is Up to 46% Cheaper Than a Hotel Stay

This summer, 69% of consumers plan to take vacation... and plan on spending $1,000 or less in doing so. We've found that way to stretch that budget is by booking lodging through Airbnb, which can save 46% off the cost of a hotel stay.

How to See Summer Blockbuster Movies without Breaking the Bank

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the cinema, so long as the A/C is working. But the "full movie theater experience" — complete with popcorn, soda, Snow Caps, and the like — can be pricey. Thankfully movie theater deals and discounts abound, and we've got some tips on how to enjoy the big screen films for little cash.

Leave Your Wallet at Home with These All-Inclusive Vacation Deals

While there are many reasons to love an all-inclusive vacation, the biggest perk may be tucking your wallet away for the entirety of your summer getaway. These deals to the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, and Jamaica include everything from unlimited food and drinks to water sports, at no extra cost — allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Say 'No' to a Staycation with These Hotels for Less Than $89 Per Night

A summer staycation may save you money, but you'll be missing out on seeing so many sights in this great country. In fact, you'd be silly to pass up this week's best travel deals; they're all hotel-based and feature stays priced at less than $89 per night. Think of all the 4- and 5-day weekend trips you can take with those savings!

A Guide to the Best Student Discounts on Apple, Tech, Travel, and More

While many adults say that their 20-something years were some of the best in their lives, being a student is rarely the best time in someone's financial life. Between tuition costs and living expenses, there are plenty of students who are surviving on Ramen noodles while they try to pinch pennies. Fortunately, there are numerous student discount programs from top retailers, so students can get amazing savings on groceries, travel, and computers.

Do You Know Where Your Frequent Flyer Miles Are?

If you've ever wondered what happens to all those frequent flyer miles you accumulate — and why you sometimes can't track them all — you are not alone. Brian Kelly, aka "The Points Guy," set out to uncover the best ways to monitor and earn frequent flyer points.

Experts Agree: It's Not a Great Idea for Airlines to Charge Passengers by Weight

The trend towards offering a la carte flight services — with customers incrementally paying for everything from checked baggage to seat assignment and refreshments — has benefited the bottom line of many airlines. In some cases, this itemized approach has even offered passengers a wider array of relatively inexpensive flights. Yet, a number of industry experts believe that Samoa Air's "Fat Tax" pay-by-weight fee structure goes a step too far.

A Grand Tour of European Deals: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy

Did you know that dealnews has an office in Ireland? That's right, and this week we're hijacking the travel feature to tell you about some amazing travel deals we found on our side of the pond and across Europe. We'll take you on a tour of our own fair isle of Ireland and then on to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Grab your passport and your camera, you won't want to forget anything on this vacation!

No Matter the Catastrophe, Cruises Are Still Popular With Deal Seekers

Two more cruise ships experienced mishaps while out at sea yesterday, and just like last month's catastrophe, both involved mechanical failure. These public disasters should deter many travelers from booking a future cruise, right? According to our readers, maybe not.

Best Travel Deals: $300 off 6-Night Alaska Cruise for 2, NYC Hotel from $119

You don't have to be a resident of Chelyabinsk, Russia, to feel like the sky is falling; it's been the kind of week that requires a stiff drink, and it's not even Friday. So just sit back, relax, and imagine being someplace else. Then book a vacation courtesy of this week's best travel deals.

How to Avoid Unexpected Fees While Traveling

Few things can spoil your trip more than unexpected fees, but according to a recent report, airlines have changed a staggering 52 fees since January 2012. How can you keep all the potential surcharges straight?

Men Will Spend $176 This Valentine's Day, Women Will Only Spend Half That

While money can't buy you love, it can certainly buy a very romantic night out. Valentine's Day spending is expected to only modestly increase this year, but that still amounts to a staggering $18.6 billion total. Here's how Valentine's Day breaks down by the numbers.

How Travel Website Kayak Sees the Future (Literally) with Price Forecasting

KAYAK — an exceptionally useful travel price comparison site — recently unleashed an ingenious tool for budget-conscious travelers: airfare price forecasting. The site can now tell shoppers the likelihood that they're desired route will increase in price in the coming days. So how does KAYAK predict the future?

From Beer Ads to Beer Runs, a Look at This Year's Super Bowl Costs

Football is big, big business these days, and Super Bowl Sunday specifically will generate eye-popping revenue, ad sales, chicken wing guzzling, and commerce of all kinds. In fact, we spend $55 million on food alone, and it's the biggest non-holiday eating day of the year. Inside, we recount some fascinating numbers about just what the Super Bowl costs us.

The Best Time to Spend Your Christmas Gift Card, Depending on What You Want

As you bask in the glory that is your stash of gifts from Christmas, you may be pawing over a gift card or two. And today's After Christmas Sales might seem like an extremely tempting place to start redeeming them. But depending on what you're looking for, you might get the most value out of your gift card if you wait to shop.

The Cheapest Places to Fly to for Christmas

There's no place quite like home for the holidays ... but we can think of a dozen or so places that might be more fun than celebrating Festivus with the family. You don't necessarily need a passport or a fortune to give yourself a holiday reprieve either, since the cheapest places to fly to for Christmas aren't that far away.

California Dreaming: Indulge in Travel Deals for L.A., San Francisco, and Napa

Between preparing for the onslaught of the holiday season, and the snow that arrived in New York this week, California beckons like a glass of wine after a long day. Take your mind off it all by having a look through these great deals we found for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and, of course, the Napa Valley.

Relax in Sunny Florida on a Dime: Hotels in Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale

Whether you're interested in the childlike wonder of Orlando's theme parks, the charm of a gondola ride in Fort Lauderdale, or the Latin flair of Miami, we've got the deals you need to make Florida an affordable vacation.

Reset Your Stress-o-Meter with Flight and Hotel Deals to the Caribbean

Fancy letting your hair down whilst a Caribbean groove resets your stress level? Get ready for a relaxing tour because we've found deals in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and more. These two-person flight and hotel packages are a great way to treat your partner to a little romantic break.

Mexico's Riviera Maya: Fly South for Sun in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

The undeniable nip in the air this morning triggered a warning in our minds: Winter is coming. So we took refuge in researching sunny vacations, and up popped Mexico. Besides the pictures of pristine white beaches and palm trees, our interest was piqued when we learned that Mexico's climate stays above 75°F year-round. And thanks to the price tag provided by these deals, we won't have to sell any more of our children to get there.