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Food & Drink Features Archives

VIDEO: Cupcakes Are SO Last Year! What's the Next Dessert Craze?

New York cupcake chain Crumbs is closing all 48 of its locations. Is this indicative that the cupcake boom is finally coming to an end? Our experts discuss if the end of cupcakes is nigh and what will replace them as the "hot" new dessert item.

Everything You Need to Get Free Stuff Online

We all love to get things for free, and there are many opportunities throughout the year to do so. There are your standard everyday freebies, as well as specific points throughout the year in which you can snag something for free. Here's where you'll find all the best ways to get free stuff.

Non-Soccer Things That the USA Totally Pwns

Today, you've got a free pass to celebrate all things American, and while that no longer includes rooting for the U-S-of-A in the World Cup, we can feel proud about the various other ways in which our nation dominates — like in daily sugar consumption!

VIDEO: Starbucks Raises Prices! (Frappu-CHA-CHING-o!)

Starbucks has raised its prices on several of their coffees by five to 10 cents. Outrageous! In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss how much is too much to pay for a cup of coffee?

15 Things You Can Always Get for Free

There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free — and there are certain types of items that are regularly available without a charge. From smartphones to restaurant food, here are the top 15 categories for freebies.

Grocery Store Sushi vs. Restaurant Sushi: Which Has More Fish for the Money?

Today is International Sushi Day, and we're wondering which establishments offer the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying the delicious dish. Contrary to popular belief, our research shows that grocery stores like Whole Foods actually have more fish than most restaurants!

School's Out: Editors' Choice Deals to Distract Your Kids This Summer

Feeding, clothing, and entertaining kids can cost a fortune. But these five Editors' Choice deals offer some affordable finds for your young ones. Snag $14 off on organic fruit snacks, and get an all-time low on a water slide/pool combo.

The Top 15 Restaurants for Coupons and Deals

We hope you're hungry, because deals are on the menu. The very best restaurant deals, that is! To find out which restaurants offer the best dining coupons and deals, we searched our archives from the past two years to find out where a hungry dealhunter should go for a taste of savings.

Airbnb Wants You to Pay for an Awkward Dinner at a Stranger's Home

Airbnb — the company that made sleeping in strangers' beds seem like a reasonable alternative to a hotel — is testing out a new foray into the "Sharing Economy" market: Hooking you up with an intimate dining experience... cooked by strangers.

Finally, It's National Donut Day! Here's Where to Score Free Donuts

Today is National Donut Day, which means free delicious treats! Check here to find out where you can score free donuts across the country.

Not Just Whole Foods: Increased Competition Makes Organic Food Cheaper

Despite the rising cost of food, the organic food industry continues to thrive. And with new contenders entering the arena, the organic food industry — which was once dominated by premium stores like Whole Foods — could finally see some serious competition. For consumers, that translates into more affordable prices.

8 Foods That May Be Too Expensive to Eat This Summer

We took a look at eight foods that may be in for a price hike this summer, and there's good and bad news. You aren't likely to starve, but you may need to seek out some budget-friendly alternatives to your usual fare.

35,000 People Brought Their Mom to Hooters on Mother's Day Last Year

As some of you might have noticed, Hooters is offering a peculiar promotion this weekend; any woman who comes to the restaurant with her brood in tow on Mother's Day will receive a free meal. Considering the establishment is best known for catering to men, this might seem like an unusual offer. So we wondered: How many people have actually availed themselves of this deal?

Buy This, Not That: The 10 Best Gifts for Mother's Day

Moms are kind of like superheroes. They perform physical acts no ordinary human could, take care of everybody's needs before they're needed, and function on minimal sleep and gratitude. So how will you repay her this Mother's Day?

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in April

Looking to spend some money online as the season changes? You might be surprised by what is and isn't a good deal in April. From early spring apparel sales to aggressive Xbox One prices, here is what's in store this month for the smart shopper.

Avocadocalypse: Rising Prices Threaten Guacamole Production

Climate change has led to severe winter snow storms in the east, droughts in the west, and now it's threatening the guacamole in Chipotle! Prices for avocados may increase so much that the burrito-slinging fast food chain will have to stop offering the delicious dip.

The Most Bang for Your Boozy Buck: How to Pick a Good, Inexpensive Wine

Between dismal grape harvests and California's never-ending drought, 2014 is starting off bad for wine aficionados. But a global shortage shouldn't mean having to pay more for your daily glass of vino. We contacted David Hunter, wine buyer at New York's Chelsea Wine Vault, for tips on picking the perfect bottle of wine without going over budget.

Total Jerk Move?: Keurig's Next Coffee Maker Will Only Use Proprietary K-Cups

Keurig, maker of those single-serving coffee machines, has revealed that its next-generation devices will not work with any pods or K-Cups that are not "licensed." In other words: Keurig is adding DRM to its coffee!

CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco in its Stores

CVS Caremark has announced that it will stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products in its stores, completely. The chain claims that the sale of tobacco is inconsistent with its goal of being a health care facility.

Oreo Pizza, Tacos on a Bun, and Pineapple Burgers: Our 5 Fave Fast Food Fails

In the spirit of offering customers new and interesting food options, there are times that fast food chains have gone too far beyond their core business competency. We'd like to take a moment and reminisce about our five favorite fast food innovations that failed.

What to Expect from Valentine's Day Deals

Though it's not an official holiday, Valentine's Day is still a big day for many retailers. And while we'll see discounts on everything from roses to jewelry, not every promotion is worth your time or money. To separate Cupid's hits from his misses, we researched past Valentine's Day sales to help you find your significant other the right Valentine's Day gift at the right price.

You Could Save Over $200 Buying These 10 Items When You Don't Need Them

Let's face it: No one wakes up in the morning with a burning desire to buy everyday necessities like pet food, toilet paper, batteries, or diapers. And yet many of these goods are so essential, we'd run out of the house bleary-eyed at 3 am to replace them. However, it's cheaper and easier to stock up on these items when you don't need them — and we've got the data to prove it! That's why we've rounded up a collection of items that you should always buy when you see a deal, even if you're still fully stocked at home.

If 'Candy' Gets Trademarked, What Do We Call These 8 Things?

Since the makers of the ridiculously popular Candy Crush are attempting to trademark the word "candy," we thought we'd take a moment to ridicule the ridiculousness of the news by listing eight people and products that are in danger of being sued — along with suggestions as to what they can change their name to, if slapped with a C-and-D.

General Mills Says 'Cheerio, GMOs,' But Do You Even Care?

No longer coming to breakfast tables across America: Cheerios containing genetically modified organisms. Anti-GMO advocates are hailing the change as a major victory. But critics say the move is just a corporation cashing in on a cause célèbre. Read on to explore the controversy that's headed for a supermarket aisle near you.

Automatic Gratuities May Be Headed Towards Extinction in 2014

A new IRS ruling has caused much frustration amongst restaurant owners and servers, and could possibly end a practice that's bugged many restaurant patrons for years. At the center of this controversy is the automatic gratuity, that compulsory charge that many eateries tack on to your bill when you dine with a large group of people.

VIDEO: Best 'Bubbles for Your Buck' Champagne Taste Test

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, you're probably in the market for a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate at the stroke of midnight. Nothing says "Happy New Year" like the popping of champagne corks, right? But is there a sparkling wine that's good and a good price? Find out in our video taste test!

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in January

The new year is upon us, and after all that shopping you likely did during the holidays, you may be looking forward to giving your credit card a rest. But January is an excellent month to buy certain things like winter apparel or early Valentine's Day gifts.

8 Hidden Holiday Costs and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to holiday spending, we're all about making the most of our budget. And that means more than just getting great deals on wish list items. To avoid overspending this holiday, we recommend taking a look at these eight expenditures that offer wiggle room for extra savings.

Best Black Friday Home Goods: Save 15% at CB2, Black & Decker Vac for $30

Home, sweet convenient home. From a $10 overnight drop on a Black & Decker hand vac to the cheapest 14-piece Pyrex set we've seen this year, these Editors' Choice home good deals are all about establishing a new level of comfort and ease in your living space.

Show Your Team Spirit with Football Game Day Party Must-Haves

Whether you don a cheese hat, wave a Terrible Towel, or hoist a foam finger, there are plenty of ways to show your team spirit at the stadium. Fortunately there are also other ways to root for your team at home, when you've got friends over watching the big game.

Whole Foods Changes Tactics, Starts Offering Flash Sales and Discounts

Whole Foods generally takes the (gluten-free and locally sourced) cake for pricey organics. But now, in order to appeal to more than just the average wealthy foodie, the grocer is holding flash sales and offering "buy one, get one" deals to draw in customers and make eating healthy more economical.

Eating Your Way Across America: The USA's Most Loved Cheap Eats

From Augusta, Maine to San Diego, California, delicious American fare is everywhere. Unfortunately, we don't have bottomless stomachs — or wallets — so our travel plans to eat our way across America are progressing slowly. But, that's not to say we haven't dined on some of the most popular cheap eats in some of our favorite great American food towns.