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5 Deals You Need to Know Today: Get the Cheapest LG 65" 4K Smart TV We've Ever Seen

You can nab a $250 Dell gift card while shopping for a mammoth 65" HDTV. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the top five Editors' Choice deals we found last night and this morning.

When Is Amazon Prime Day and What Deals Can You Expect?

Amazon has held a Prime Day shopping event for the past two years, and we're predicting a three-peat in 2017. So when is Prime Day going to happen this year, and what deals can you expect? Read on to find out.

You Need to Have These 5 Money Talks Before You Get Married

Talking about money long before you say "I do" will put your relationship on the path to a solid financial foundation. Here are four steps to get the pre-marriage money conversation going, and five financial topics to discuss once you want to delve deeper.

What to Expect From 2017 4th of July Sales

The 4th of July is a great time to snag summer essentials as retailers begin clearing out their inventory ahead of the back-to-school season. Look for serious savings on summer clothing, swimsuits, patio furniture, and more.

4 Reasons Making Just Minimum Payments Is Bad, and How to Pay More

Minimum payments are one of the insidious ways creditors keep you in debt if you let them. Learn about how those minimum payments get calculated, the effects they can have on the total amount owed and on your credit score, and ways you can pay more than the minimum.

13 Terrible Father's Day Gifts to Avoid

Father's Day is almost here! To prevent an awkward situation, here's a list of 13 awful gift ideas to avoid. Your dad won't thank you — but you'll know he was thinking it while repressing his feelings because that's what society tells men they have to do.

This Is Everything We've Written About Amazon

Amazon has grown from a bookstore, to an everything store, to more than a store. So it's no surprise that we write a lot about its numerous perks, services, and products. Here's all of the guides and how-tos we've written on getting the most out of the largest online retailer in America.

Amazon Might Owe You Money for Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Amazon is offering refunds for parents whose kids made in-app purchases. If that sounds familiar, it's because Apple and Google have already been forced to offer similar refunds. Read on to learn more.

The Biggest Shopping Myths of June: Are Tools Really a Good Buy for Dad?

We have years of data to back up our recommendations for the best things to buy each month. But in the course of our research, we've seen a lot of misinformation out there! Here are the biggest misconceptions about the best deals of June.

Here's How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

You can get Amazon credit just by purchasing Amazon products, Amazon gift cards, and even downloading free apps. Those credits can be used on future Amazon purchases. Read on to see how to get free stuff on Amazon.

Your Complete Guide to Wedding Registries: The Best Perks, Stores, and More

The traditional registry is now as archaic as a groom's powder blue ruffled tuxedo shirt. These days, you'll find ones for honeymoons, charities — even pizza! We round up the various types of wedding registries available, so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle and future.

The 9 Best Things to Buy in June (Including Free Donuts!)

With lots of shopping to do for dads and grads, you could risk depleting your whole beach budget this month! Find out how to save on Father's Day, outdoor outings, and more in our guide to the best buys of June.

Got the Urge to Splurge? Do it Wisely!

Calling all spendthrifts: National Splurge Day is June 18! Even we have to admit that some purchases are worth spending more on. Check out our list of 12 items you can feel justified in splurging on — because they're totally worth it.

What to Expect From Father's Day Deals 2017

Because no dad wants you to go broke buying gifts, we've combed through the DealNews archives to tell you what to expect from the very best Father's Day deals. Ditch the ties and shop instead for souped-up TVs, all things gaming, and adventurous camping gear.

One Weird Reason You're Still Celebrating Father's Day

According to our reader survey, unmarried people who live together celebrate Father's Day more than either singles or married people. But everyone celebrates Father's Day less than Mother's Day. What are your plans?

Expecting a Baby? Don't Make These 4 Common Money Mistakes

There's nothing like the excitement of a child being born, but all that emotion can blind people to more practical matters. From buying too much stuff, to not saving for college, here are four common financial pitfalls to avoid when you're expecting a baby.

We're Only Human! Here Are the Splurges That Our Staff Totally Regrets Now

Everybody occasionally makes purchases they later regret. We collected stories from our DealNews colleagues about those times they wish they hadn't splurged. Read on to learn from our mistakes!

Memorial Day Sales Have Started! Here's What to Expect

Memorial Day sales provide a serious opportunity to snag awesome deals. But buyer beware: This is not the time to score summer items. Instead, look for spring clothing, home goods, and cheap travel.

Are More Netflix Price Hikes Coming?

Netflix temporarily raised their advertised rates last week for Australian subscribers to see how much people value the service. With new "Netflix taxes" on the way overseas and in the US, the company may raise rates — if they think consumers will accept it.

Don't Let These 9 Unexpected Costs Blow Your Wedding Budget

Unexpected wedding costs like gratuities, taxes, and pre-wedding treatments can sideswipe even the most prepared of planners. We break down these hidden wedding costs, so you'll know what to anticipate before your big day.

15 Awkward Mother's Day Gifts to Avoid if You Wanna Stay in the Will

Mother's Day is upon us, so you'd better get the woman who raised you a little something to say, "Thanks." And to help you avoid a scene, we've put together a list of what not to buy her.

What Is Amazon Prime: All of the Benefits You Get With a Membership

When it launched in 2005, Amazon Prime gave its members free two-day shipping. Now the subscription service offers a lot more perks. Here's our guide to what a Prime membership includes, so you can decide if it's right for you.

Brunch and Dinner Deals That Are Perfect for Mother's Day

If you haven't realized it yet, Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14. But if you haven't even thought of a gift yet, no worries. Our list of Mother's Day food deals has you covered, so you can breathe easy and show mom how much you love her.

11 Historical Mother's Day Gifts That Are WAY Better Than Yours

Will the gift you give your mom this Mother's Day go down as one of the all-time greatest? Probably not. Check out these historically great Mother's Day gifts, from Greek gods, Elvis, and other famous folks.

What Does Amazon Prime Cost, and Can You Get It Cheaper?

Amazon Prime is $99 for the first year, or you can opt to pay $10.99 per month. Then again, you could always pay less. Here's how to get free Amazon Prime if you qualify, and how to save on your subscription if you don't.

Buy This, NOT That: Mother's Day Gift Edition

Skip the iTunes gift card and get mom a portable Bluetooth speaker instead. Here are 10 ways to surprise her with personalized, customized, and creative gifts.

What to Expect From 2017 Mother's Day Deals

We've delved into the archives to take a look at the very best Mother's Day deals from the past few years. Hint: Avoid flowers and chocolate, and check out tech and subscription services.

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Seem Expensive, But Aren't

Mom might say she doesn't care how much you spend on her gift this year, but can you take that risk? From pearls to perfume, here are some affordable Mother's Day gift ideas that will impress her without putting a strain on your wallet — and no one has to know.

The Best Buys of May Are More Than Memorial Day Sales!

From Mother's Day to Memorial Day, May is a busy month for retailers and shoppers alike. But before you purchase a new grill or try on any summer apparel, you'll want to read our guide, which points out some of the best (and worst) products to buy this month.

The Feds May Not Forgive Your Student Loan Debt After All

The Education Department is not making any promises to public service job employees enrolled in its student loan repayment program for almost a decade. Are you affected?

It's National Pretzel Day! Here's How to Get Free Pretzels

National Pretzel Day is here, and we've got the scoop on all the places to score tasty treats. Check out our list to find free and cheap snacks today.

QUIZ: Can You Remember What These Items Cost in 1997?

In honor of DealNews' 20th anniversary, see if you can remember what an Apple laptop, a cell phone, a Big Mac, and more common items cost back in the year of our birth. Oh how the times have changed!
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