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From Walter White to VMA Miley: Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Under $50

Still haven't decided what to be this year for Halloween? There's some time left to put together a costume that's clever, culturally relevant, and on the cheap. Check out some of our creative Halloween costumes — from Breaking Bad to popular memes — that won't break the bank.

The Color Mixture in an M&Ms Bag Is a Precise Science, and Other Candy Facts

Here are dealnews, we of course like good prices, but we also love everyday data that sheds light on what Americans like to indulge in. As we come closer to the spookiest of holidays, here's a look at the real sweetness behind Halloween candy. So, double bag those pillowcases for the customary Halloween candy binge and take a moment to review the facts and figures behind the hidden world of candy.

Happy Hallow-Green!: 8 Tips for an Eco-Friendly All Hallow's Eve

Holidays are often a time in which we unthinkingly spend a lot of money and waste resources. So, with Halloween around the corner, Green Dad has eight tips and deals for an eco-friendly All Hallow's Eve. Save money on costumes, green supplies, and more.

How to Survive the Pumpkin-O'Calypse of 2011

Pumpkin prices have skyrocketed this year, as crops have been destroyed by bad weather. What is the Halloween hopeful to do if he or she needs a Jack O'Lantern and can't find a gourd for a reasonable price? Our latest feature gives you several creative solutions to this pumpkin-y problem.