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iPad & Tablet Features Archives

Best Tablet Deals: See the First Surface Pro 3 Price Drop Since May

Among this week's best tablet deals, you'll find some history-making price lows. Students can score the first real price drop on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, while everyone else can get a Sony Xperia Tablet Z at $250 off list, or an iPad mini for just $199.

Why You Probably Shouldn't Spend More Than $600 on a Laptop for College

Many students actually have fairly light needs when it comes to computing. All the bells and whistles can push laptops into the $1,000+ price territory, but do you need it? We look at which students might have heavier needs, and which can be satisfied with most mainstream laptops, in our college laptop buying guide.

The Pros & Cons of a Tablet for a Student, at 3 Different Price Points

We listed tablets as one of the 10 things you shouldn't buy a college student. However, according to recent figures, tablets came in right behind laptops as the top two devices parents intend to buy for their kids this school year — beating out even scientific calculators and cell phones! In order to help you decide whether to take the student tablet plunge, here's the full breakdown on tablets for every budget.

Online College Stores Charge 35% More for Laptops

Campus bookstores are renown for their price gouging, but it turns out textbooks aren't the only items they sell at a premium. We looked at the online bookstores of six universities and found that laptops and tablets are also sold at higher-than-average prices, sometimes costing up to 135% more than outside prices.

Comcast Wants to Win You Over with an Exclusive No-Wait Hotline

Comcast is one of the most hated companies in the United States, creating public vitriol with every move it makes. But an exclusive line of customer service reps are hoping to change your outlook on the company. Is Comcast's dream team enough to win you over?

Rumor Roundup: An Even Thinner iPad mini? Tremors Reboot? More?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about iPads, Nintendo, Kevin Bacon movies, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

School's Out: Editors' Choice Deals to Distract Your Kids This Summer

Feeding, clothing, and entertaining kids can cost a fortune. But these five Editors' Choice deals offer some affordable finds for your young ones. Snag $14 off on organic fruit snacks, and get an all-time low on a water slide/pool combo.

Why the Surface Pro 3 Fails at Replacing Your Laptop

The Surface Pro 3 is a high-end tablet designed to replace your laptop. There's only one problem: this $799 tablet doesn't include a keyboard. Factor in that additional cost, and you have a far more expensive "laptop killer."

Buy This, Not That: The 10 Best Gifts for Mother's Day

Moms are kind of like superheroes. They perform physical acts no ordinary human could, take care of everybody's needs before they're needed, and function on minimal sleep and gratitude. So how will you repay her this Mother's Day?

11 Tech Shopping Myths Busted

The Internet can be a priceless research tool for separating fact from fiction, but when not used correctly, it can also help spread all types of myths that could result in consumers spending more money than they should. From overused buzzwords to high-priced TV cables, we shine light on 11 of the most common tech myths that people still fall for.

Gifts That Seem Expensive ... But Really Aren't

During the holidays, it's natural to have the urge to splurge on gifts; after all, nothing is too good for our parents, siblings, spouses, and dear friends, right? But just because you shouldn't blow a bundle on them doesn't mean that you can't blow their minds. Here's how.

6 Things Not to Buy Before Christmas

Not everyone has the luxury of giving gifts after the holidays are over, but if you're looking to fill your own holiday stocking, take heed of the shopping list below filled with six products you should buy after Christmas.

Cyber Monday Week Tablets: 10" Windows RT Tablets from $260

Unlike last year, getting a great deal on a hot, new iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablet has been a breeze. These tablet deals are the remaining standout offers post-Cyber Monday and include a refurb iPad mini WiFi + 4G for $300 or choose from an assortment of Windows RT & Android tablets.

Free Engraving on Apple Devices Could Cost You 30% in Resale Value

Before you personalize and laser-cut a message in to the back of that new iPad you bought as a Christmas present, stop and think about what each character may be doing to the device's resale value.

Best Cyber Monday Apple Deals: A MacBook Pro Deal That Tops Thanksgiving

Black Friday has passed, but there are still Apple deals to be had! Grab a MacBook Pro for $150 less than its Thanksgiving price, get another chance to score the iPad mini for $249, and bag a $100 iTunes gift card for just $85. Don't waste any time, though; these Cyber Monday Apple deals are super hot and going fast!

Best Black Friday Apple Deals: $100 iTunes Credit for $85, iPad Air for $450

Just because Apple isn't inclined to offer big Black Friday discounts doesn't mean you can't score a deal on an iDevice. You can save $15 on a $100 iTunes gift card and seriously consider getting the iPad Air for at a $49 savings. But don't waste any time; these Apple deals are super hot and going fast!

Best Black Friday Tablets: 6 Tablets Under $200, Nexus 7 for $190

Unlike last Black Friday, getting a great deal on a hot, new iPad or Kindle Fire is a breeze ... if you know where to look! Get a quad-core tablet for $85, save $10 on the Nexus 7, and score a kids' tablet for under $100. Just be fast, because these Black Friday tablet deals expire quickly.

UPDATE: Why Wait? 11 Black Friday Doorbusters You Can Score Right Now

With this year's Black Friday sales, merchants are going the extra mile and quietly dropping their prices days ahead of schedule, meaning you can score some of Black Friday's best deals right now. We've rounded up all the items we could find that were already marked down to their advertised Black Friday price or lower.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Tablet Ads: These Deals Surpass All Expectations

With Black Friday only a week away, we've had plenty of time to review the leaked Black Friday deals from many, many retailers. It's clear that this is going to be a great year to pick up a previous-generation Kindle Fire HD or iPad, but there are also deals to be had on Windows tablets and tablets for kids. Read on to see our latest roundup of the best tablet ads so far.

UPDATE: Best Black Friday Laptop Ads: Cheapest Chromebook EVAR!

Hear that? It's the clock ticking away the minutes until the Black Friday laptop sales officially begin. Until then, we'll keep rounding up the best of the Black Friday laptop ads so far. Read on to see what the latest crop of ads has yielded.

Walmart Black Friday Ad: The Crazy TV Prices We've Been Waiting For

We've already sorted through some interesting Black Friday ads, but finally, the big names for the holiday are making an appearance; Walmart, our second-best retailer for Editors' Choice Black Friday deals, has released its full Black Friday ad. And judging from the promotions below (which include some amazing TV deals and discounts on Apple products), we're pretty optimistic about what's to come for 2013.

Best Buy Black Friday Ad: Some Serious Steals, But Don't Bite on Apple Deals

We've already had a chance to review the ads from Target and Walmart, and now that the entire Best Buy Black Friday ad is available, our picture of Black Friday 2013 is getting clearer by the minute. From what we can tell, Best Buy will have some seriously competitive prices on Black Friday, as long as you're shopping for anything but Apple.

When to Get the Best iPad Prices: Skip the iPad 2 and Get the iPad 4 for $399

Now that the latest iPad lineup details are confirmed, we're back to give shoppers another quick rundown of potential iPad deals. From shockingly cheap iPad minis to surprising discounts on the latest iPad Air, here's a look at what iPad prices to expect in the coming months.

The Retina iPad mini & iPad 2 Both Cost $399, But Which Would You Buy?

Apple not only announced new iPads at its event yesterday, but it also stunningly decided to increase the price of the second-generation iPad mini to $399 — which is the same price as the several-years-old iPad 2. So which iPad should you buy? The new one, or the bigger one?

When to Buy an iPad mini & How to Get a Deal on the iPad 5

October 22 is shaping up to be a busy day for Apple. Not only is the company expected to announce the new iPad mini 2, but rumors indicate we'll also witness the debut of the iPad 5. As with all Apple announcements, consumers should gear up for discounts on previous generation devices. But just how low will prices go, and when will we see deals on the new tablets?

Black Friday Home Goods 2013: Kitchenware & Appliance Deals

Although electronics typically get top billing during Black Friday, many of the best deals we'll see are on home goods like appliances, kitchenware, tools, and more. Whether you need a cheap vacuum, a new tool set, or a standing mixer, Black Friday will be your best time to buy.

Black Friday Clothing and Shoes 2013: Best Coupons of the Year

One of the best trends we've seen in recent years is the growing prominence of Black Friday clothing sales. Apparel merchants at all ends of the fashion spectrum, from department stores to luxury boutiques, have begun to offer some of their best discounts of the year during shopping's biggest holiday.

Black Friday Streaming Media Player and Blu-ray Deals 2013

Even though Roku and Apple TV can't compete with the price of Google's Chromecast, that doesn't mean there won't be some excellent sales on streaming devices this Black Friday. In fact, expect those top-of-the-line streamers to see discounts of up to 25% off. And if you're more of an old school media consumer, Blu-ray disc movies will again drop to as low as $4 this year.

Black Friday Tablets 2013: The Surface Will See the Best Deals

Tablets are once again the "it" item for the holidays, and new Android devices have flooded the market and chipped away at Apple's dominance. All this cutthroat competition has translated into better and faster deals for consumers. As such, there's bound to be some eye-catching Black Friday tablet deals this year.

Apple Black Friday 2013: Resellers Do it Better

You may think that the Apple Black Friday sale is the best time to purchase all things Apple, but the truth is that it's extremely mediocre. Year after year Apple offers the same predictable 5% to 10% off, which resellers handily beat. So where should you shop for your Apple gifts this year? As it turns out, anywhere but Apple.

10 Essential Paid Apps Worth The Money

The average smartphone user now has 41 apps on his or her phone. And while we're all a fan of free and cheap apps, there are some paid apps that are worth the money. We turned to the experts to find out which iOS apps meet customer expectations and won't break the bank ... in most cases!

Cheap iPads and Kindle Fire HDs Coming This Fall

Both Apple and Amazon are reportedly releasing new tablets this fall, and while that's great news for early adopters, it's even better news for bargain hunters. Based on our deal data from the last two years, we can expect to see new price cuts on today's current generation of tablets once the new models are announced. So how can you get your hands on a cheap iPad or Kindle Fire HD?