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Handy Handsets: Cheapest iPhone 5S Ever, Motorola Prepaid Phone for $8

We passed a remarkable anniversary recently: On April 3, 1973, the first phone call from a handheld mobile device was placed. We've come a long way in 41 years! Now, whether you're searching for the latest smartphone or a simple prepaid device, this roundup of five Editors' Choice phone deals has the handset for you.

VIDEO: Why Do We Upgrade Our Computer's OS?

This week marks the official demise of Windows XP! In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss if it's even necessary to upgrade your OS.

Of the Latest Android Phones, the HTC One (M8) Comes Out On Top

We decided to take a look at how the current front-runners in the Android smartphone market — the HTC One (M8), the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2, the LG G Pro 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the Moto X — measure up.

8 Tips to Make Sure You're Prepared for Emergencies

Early this morning, California residents experienced a 4.4 earthquake, and while there are reportedly (and thankfully) no injuries or major damage as a result, the news once again reminds us that accidents and disasters can come at any time. Because we can't control or predict when these events happen, we should all be prepared in case of emergency.

Timing Is Everything: How to Save the Most Money on a Spring Break Trip

The time to finalize your spring break plans is drawing nigh, but this popular travel season can put you in the red faster than a student loan if you're not careful. However a recent study has revealed that choosing the right time to book and the right time to travel are the key components of scoring an awesome spring break travel deal.

The Magic of Science and Friendship: Amazon's Kids' TV Pilots Reviewed

In a continued effort to crowdsource TV programming from its Prime members, Amazon has offered up another slate of pilots for your consideration, be you kid or adult. Because not everyone has the time or inclination to watch all 10 shows, we've taken the liberty of viewing them for you. We already reviewed Amazon's offerings for mature audiences, and now we're moving on to the kids' shows. Which pilots are worth your child's time?

Your Chromecast Will Soon Have a Lot More Content to Stream

When Google first released the Chromecast, there was much to be excited about. But a lack of compatible apps and content quelled some of that excitement. That is, until now. Developers will soon be able to create and release Chromecast-compatible sites and apps, making a slew of new material available to users in the next few months.

Not for the Faint of Heart: Amazon's Drama & Comedy TV Pilots Reviewed

In its continuing efforts to crowdsource TV programming with its Prime members, Amazon has offered up another slate of pilots for your consideration. But which ones are worth your time? And furthermore, which should you "vote" for to have developed into a full series?

Putin on the Ritz: Bizarre Hotel Amenities at the Olympics

Wouldn't it be fun to go to the Sochi Winter Olympics? Don't you wish you could be there for the pomp, the circumstance, the medals, and the ... fancy hotels? Well, don't get super excited, because supposedly the hotels are a mess!

Rumor Roundup: White Xbox One? Solar Powered iPhone?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane hearsay about Microsoft, Apple, and more? Well, neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup!

Beats Music Streaming App Has 20 Million Songs, No Ad-Supported Free Option

Beats Music promises its users a mobile streaming experience that tailors playlists to what listeners are craving in that moment — as long as they aren't craving free music, that is. Beats Music costs $10 a month, and (unlike almost every other streaming service) there's no ad-supported free option. Read on for our take on this nascent streamer, and find out whether Beats Music is the service you've been waiting to pay for.

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home & Tailgating Needs

Owning a portable generator is a great investment for dialing up the quality of your tailgate party with video and audio on a sumptuous widescreen TV, or just being prepared for winter power outages. But generators come in many shapes, sizes, and (most importantly) price points. Thus, we've created a helpful guide to picking a portable generator.

Seiki's Cheap 65" 4K HDTV Isn't That Cheap ... Yet

Seiki is poised to break some records this December when it releases its latest 4K HDTV, the ultra-cheap 65" SE65UY04. And while big-box retailers may use this "cheap" 4K HDTV to lure shoppers, we think early adopters should wait at least a few weeks before making any purchase.

A Polygon Editor Picks His 5 Favorite Video Games

Video games have been a staple in many American households since the mid 1970s when Atari's Pong console game became a hit. Now, whether you're a fan of Wii U, Xbox, or some 8-bit relic that's just a hair past the days of Pong, the question of which were the best video games of all time remains.

A Curved TV Costs $4,000... And Only One Person Can Watch at a Time

The buzz around 4K TV has tapered off, but a new "hot" technology has emerged for consumers to consider — curved TVs. But despite all the fuss and flashy announcements, is there really a point to the curve?

This Week in Consumer News: Android KitKat, Chinese Delivery Drones, more

Sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus' demise? Rather stay informed with news that might save you time and money? Here then is our consumer news roundup! Inside: One man uses Promoted Tweets as a platform to solve his grievances with British Airways.

The App That Pays You to Unlock Your Phone Has Changed, and It's a Bummer

Locket, the Android app that launched with the promise of paying users a penny for every time they unlock their phone, has recently changed the terms of its service. And unfortunately for us, it means making less money.

Fan-Favorite PC Games: Mass Effect Trilogy for $16, GTA Bundle for $10, more

Last week we brought you deals on some of the top 100 PC games of all time. This week, we set out to round up five fan favorite computer games, all of which are Editors' Choice picks to boot! From the Mass Effect Trilogy, to the complete Grand Theft Auto series, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of computer game deals than right here.

Motorola Moto X Review: The Only American-Made Smartphone

The recently-announced Motorola Moto X is being marketed as a new breed of Android smartphone that focuses on thoughtful design and usability features, rather than high-end specs. In many ways, it succeeds — and yet, it's still priced in line with other top-shelf phones like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

8 Ways to Get the Goods You Want Without Paying in Cash

Bartering for goods or services may seem like an old-fashioned concept, but with the power of the Internet, it's coming back in style. We've collected eight barter and trade services that help you get rid of things you don't want in exchange for things you do.

Power Tools for the Garden: From Chainsaws to Leaf Blowers

Who doesn't love a beautiful lawn with perfectly uniform grass immaculately manicured? These outdoor landscapes involve hard work, planting, cultivating, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. Fortunately, we live in an age where power tools can alleviate some of the hard work necessary to bring about a handsome garden and lawn.

Grown Ups Just Want to Have Fun: 10 Kids' Items We Wish Were for Adults

Ah, the golden years of being encouraged to sleep, eat, and burp whenever possible. And those pirate-themed beds, treehouses, LEGOs! Do kids even know how lucky they are?! When was the last time you got to wear your batman suit to dinner, hmm? And how handy were bibs!? In our opinion there are some things that really should come in adult sizes. And no, we don't mean diapers.

How to Buy a Road Bike: Deals, Bike Basics, and Beyond

Many of us never lost our love for the two-wheeled bicycle adventures we first found as kids, and many folks have adopted biking as their major means of travel. If you have a yearning to pedal on in adulthood, we'll help you choose the right road bike.

The Most Energy-Efficient TVs Won't Necessarily Save Much Money

We all know that it pays to be green in our lives, and there are a number of variables that determine how energy efficiency impacts one's bottom line. But when it comes to TVs, what are the energy savings like, and are they substantial enough to justify a higher price tag for an efficient model?

The Great Grill Debate: Charcoal vs. Gas

The outdoor cookout season is just about here, and we can almost taste the flame-broiledness. But, if the warm spring has you drooling to buy a new grill, you may want to do your research first. To help you pick the perfect grill, we've explored the charcoal vs. gas grill debate, looked at the cost of both, and weighed a number of grilling variables.

Get Cycling this Spring with the Proper Biking Gear

Skip the gym and enjoy the fresh air a la a bicycling regimen. Of course, you'll soon find that cycling longer distances can present a physical challenge, manifested in sore feet and hands, a sweaty body, and a tender posterior. That's where the proper cycling clothing and equipment specially made for bicycling can come to the rescue.

The Best Bird Feeders and Seeds for Backyard Bird Watching

Spring is here, and with it comes that familiar morning sound of birds chirping. As our feathered friends build nests and lay eggs, these fascinating avian become voracious eaters. To enjoy the show, all you have to do is offer the right food in the right way, throw in some water and housing, and voila!

An Expert in Mobile Devices at PCMag Dishes on His Favorite Gadgets

Mobile has come a long way since flip phones with LCD screens. Nowadays few can keep up with all the latest developments in mobile with the savviness and stamina of Sascha Segan. He is PC Mag's lead analyst for mobile, and one of the nation's top experts on mobile phones and tablets. We're privileged that he's shared the five gadgets that are part of his high-tech arsenal.

Wait to Order the OUYA: Early Reviews Are More 'Oh No' Than 'Oh Yeah!'

Are you hankering for some Android gaming action on your HDTV? The OUYA debuts June 4, priced at $100, but based on preliminary reviews, you should hold off on investing in this first-gen console.

An Android Mini PC Can Make Your HDTV Smarter for $50

The market for miniature flash drive-sized Android PCs is really taking off, and these devices are growing more powerful with each new release. For about $50, these petite computers plug directly into your HDTV, and provide web connectivity while also acting as a game console, workstation, and set top box that can stream movies, TV shows, and music.

BlackBerry Z10 Review: Can It Compete with iOS and Android Rivals?

BlackBerry needs its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to be flawless and revolutionary enough to get consumers excited. But can the Z10 save BlackBerry? We turn to the expert reviews to find out.