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Get Your Summer Kicks: Crocs for $20, Up to 50% off Sperry Top-Sider

With the summer heat settling in, you're going to need a pair of comfy shoes to carry you through it. That's why this week's roundup of the best shoe deals is full of no-fuss footwear. Save $39 on some Steve Madden dress shoes, get up to 50% off Sperry Top-Sider shoes at Nordstrom, and nab a pair of Crocs for just $20.

Weekend Jolt: Get a Better Wifi Connection for Just $30

If you're looking to stock up on discounted gizmos and gadgets, then today may be the Friday to take the plunge. We've spotted an impressively low price of $29.99 on a concurrent router and an all-time low on a new Lenovo laptop. These deals and more in today's list of five Editors' Choice deals that we found overnight and early this morning.

Best Tablet Deals: $100 Target Gift Card Yields iPad Air All-Time Low

We've rounded up five Editors' Choice tablet deals, but you'll want to hurry because many of them won't last long. Score a $100 Target gift card when you buy an iPad Air, get a Samsung Galaxy Note at $160 off, and save $50 on an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity.

I'm on a Boat: Save $1,400 on a Riviera Cruise, See the Bahamas for $398

Grab your swim trunks, your flippie-floppies, and even your nautical-themed Pashmina afghan and check out several all-time low travel deals on cruises that depart as soon as tomorrow! Book a Carnival 5-night cruise to the Bahamas for just $398, get $75 onboard credit on a 7-night Norwegian cruise, or sail around the French Riviera and save $1,400.

10 Best Coupons: Up to 50% off at Saks OFF 5th, Save 10% at Newegg

In this day and age, who's got the time to search for a coupon? We do! In the spirit of saving you time and money, we've rounded up the 10 best coupons of the week. Get 10% off your whole order at Newegg, munch on a free Einstein Bros. bagel and shmear, and take an extra 30% to 50% off at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th.

Best Laptop Deals: A Portable Gaming Powerhouse & Uber Cheap Touchscreen

This week's best laptop deals accommodate all budgets starting with the $300 touch-capable, quad-core Dell Inspiron. We've also got the portable gaming powerhouse known as the IdeaPad Y40 for $799. And for a big budget, there's the fully-equipped Acer desktop replacement complete with 12GB of RAM and 1080p LCD for $1,060.

Best Audio Deals: $63 off Harman's CNET-Approved Bluetooth Headphones

Having the right audio setup will make the music even more mesmerizing. That's why today we're highlighting five Editors' Choice audio deals. Save $63 on a pair of Harman Kardon Bluetooth headphones, earn a $20 Sears credit with the purchase of some Nakamichi headphones, and get a Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker for just $50.

Best HDTV Deals: Samsung Plasma Sales Begin, Editors' Choice TVs from $250

From 4K TVs to 720p plasmas, this week's best TV deals include something for everyone: an Editors' Choice 43" plasma, which has reached its all-time lowest price; Seiki's 55" 4K HDTV for just shy of $600; and for budget-minded shoppers, the 42" Changhong LCD, which comes in at $250.

Best Freebie Deals: Free Chick-Fil-A Food, Dungeons & Dragons eBook

This week we launched our freebie hub, a page where you can always find the latest features and resources for free stuff online. In our freebie fervor, we've rounded up the week's best freebie deals. Dress like a cow to get free food from Chick-Fil-A, score a free beginner's guide to D&D, and save $19 on a free bag of cat litter.

It's Your Last Chance to Shop 4th of July Clothing Sales!

The fireworks may be over for this year, but the 4th of July clothing sales remain ... for now, at least. We've rounded up the best still-active holiday sales to give you one last chance to shop. Read on to see how you can nab extra discounts on sale and clearance items at Nautica, J.Crew, American Eagle, and more.

Need to Escape? These Are the Best Last Minute Vacation Deals

How is it July already! The year is flying by and between one thing and another there just hasn't been time to plan a vacation. But relax, these days you don't have to book months in advance to get great savings. In fact, we've picked five of the week's best last minute travel deals so you can take a break next week.

Best Travel Deals: $25 Off Hotel Tonight, Airfare From $69

We've rounded up the week's best travel deals so that you can spend your hard-earned money on things that really matter, like cocktails sunscreen! Book a sun holiday to Myrtle Beach, use a coupon to save up to $50 on Marriott hotels, or jet off across the country from as little as $69 on Virgin America.

Thursday Jolt: 60 BIC Pens for $4

With the end of the week in sight, we're feeling spend-thrifty and self-indulgent. We've spotted a free $25 credit offer for new AmEx customers, a 10-app Mac software bundle for whatever you want to pay, and more in today's list of five Editors' Choice deals that we found overnight and early this morning.

Take Your Own Grand Tour: Vacations to France, Ireland, Iceland, and more

Up until the late nineteenth century, taking the "Grand Tour" through Europe was seen as a right of passage. So we've put together a few of this week's best travel deals to help you create your own Grand Tour. Take a 6-day trip around France from $5,036, experience the Northern Lights in Iceland from $2,225, or drive across Ireland from $1,877.

School's Out: Editors' Choice Deals to Distract Your Kids This Summer

Feeding, clothing, and entertaining kids can cost a fortune. But these five Editors' Choice deals offer some affordable finds for your young ones. Snag $14 off on organic fruit snacks, and get an all-time low on a water slide/pool combo.

Best Airfare Sales: Fly to Hong Kong and Get a Flight to Japan for Free, more

If you're planning an exotic vacation, you may have noticed that flights eat up a big chunk of your budget. But fear not! We've rounded up five of this week's best travel deals on airfare so that you can spend less money on getting there and more money on spoiling yourself.

Best HDTV Deals: Get a 39" TV for Just $205 After a Gift Card

Whether you're looking for a new big-screen TV to watch the upcoming World Cup or just want a small set to keep you company in the kitchen, this week's best TV deals have you covered. We've got two 39" TVs that come with sizable free gift cards, as well as a massive discount on a 65" 4K TV.

9 Golf Getaways That Don't Cost a "Fore"-tune

It's time to get your dad a Father's Day gift he'll really love: a golf vacation. We've found travel deals to suit every budget.

Getaways on Mobile: The Best Apps for Low Airfare

We researched and tested some of the most popular airfare booking apps available, and found lots of pleasant service, but not all that offered the best deals. So which app is the most worthy of your time?

The Cheapest Weekend to Visit Disney World This Summer is in August

Most kids would probably like to visit Disney World year round, but there's no denying the fact that a trip during the summer months, when kids are free from school, makes the most sense for many families. But just because you have to travel to the Happiest Place on Earth during the busy season doesn't mean you can't try to save money in the process.

Gifts That Keep On Giving! Top Membership Deals

These five subscription deals will keep on giving, allowing you to shop, game, or beautify better. Get a free subscription to BJ's Wholesale Club and a gift card, six month of unlimited free same-day deliveries from Google Shopping Express, and much more.

Save the Planet, Treat Yourself: Earth Day Freebies 2014

April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, an event that dates back to 1970. And on this day, the freebies and premiums pop up with the energy of spring bulbs bursting through once-dormant soil.

I Guarantee It: Companies That Still Offer Amazing Warranties

Some companies are still offering legitimate warranties that you can take to the bank. These products might cost more, but that might be worth it for the real promise that they will be repaired, replaced, or refunded at any time.

Best Tax Day Freebies & Deals: Free Massage, Shredding, Coffee, and more

It's always hard when you've got to sacrifice your hard-earned cash to The Man on Tax Day. Knowing this, some of our favorite stores and restaurants offer a plethora of free and super-cheap spoils to make the day a little less painful.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Invest in Beanie Babies

As our data indicates, by waiting almost 20 years, you can pick up many of the most desirable Beanie Babies for 80% to 99% off their original prices. That means that now is the best time to buy Beanie Babies!

Caring for Your Beanie Babies: A Deal Guide to Protecting Your Investment

Beanie Babies aren't just our soft, silent children — they're an investment! Gentle care and cleaning is part of protecting that investment. (You wouldn't throw $10,000 worth of stock certificates in the washer, would you?) Beanie Babies require special equipment to preserve their mint condition, so we've rounded up the week's best Beanie Baby care deals to keep you on track.

Totally Worth It: Deals on the Best Beanie Baby Memorabilia

Some people are content to be casual Beanie Baby collectors, and that's fine. But for the truly devoted, owning thousands of these valuable plushes isn't enough! That's why we've rounded up the week's best deals on Beanie Baby memorabilia. Score a CD filled with Beanie Baby songs for $4, save $1 on a Beanie Baby eBook that will probably be awesome once it's published, and get a pack of unopened Beanie Baby Collector's Cards because you should.

VIDEO: Are the Days of Cable TV Numbered?

With the rumor of an Apple-built cable box and news that both Sony and Microsoft are going to offer original programming, it seems like now, more than ever, everyone is trying to re-invent TV. Inside, we discuss if this is the beginning of the end for cable television.

Mannequins With Back Fat Are Coming to a Store Near You

The days of mass produced, cookie cutter mannequins are waning, and in their place will be more authentic-looking models, designed to better represent a larger base of shoppers whose proportions have never traditionally been reflected by the typical headless forms. Will this affect your shopping?

10 Amazing Hotels to Visit While Flights to Scandinavia Are Cheap

Scandinavia is one of the "coolest" travel regions at the moment, thanks to its unspoilt nature, welcoming people, and quirky perspective on accommodation. And thankfully, we've been seeing regular airfare sales of late that can get you there on the cheap.

How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

If we told you that proper care of your clothes would make them last for 15 years instead of just three, would you pay more attention to how you hang your suits or wash your shirts? If you're good to your clothes, they'll last longer, and that'll save you money in the long run. So here are some ways to improve the longevity of your clothes, which will in turn keep your wardrobe budget more manageable.

Gifts That Seem Expensive ... But Really Aren't

During the holidays, it's natural to have the urge to splurge on gifts; after all, nothing is too good for our parents, siblings, spouses, and dear friends, right? But just because you shouldn't blow a bundle on them doesn't mean that you can't blow their minds. Here's how.