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Celebrate the Final Season of 'Mad Men' With Our Savings Game

While other sites are suggesting drinking games for this week's final season premiere of Mad Men, we here at DealNews think that saving money is the most fun activity of all.

Of the Latest Android Phones, the HTC One (M8) Comes Out On Top

We decided to take a look at how the current front-runners in the Android smartphone market — the HTC One (M8), the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2, the LG G Pro 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the Moto X — measure up.

Apple Products Are Dropping in Price Faster, and with Steeper Discounts

In the past, a shopper had to opt for older-generation versions of Apple products in order to get a deal. But resellers are now not only discounting brand-new models, they're doing it with abandon. We took a look at the deal history of several generations of the MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone, and across the board, the deals have gotten better with each update.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Invest in Beanie Babies

As our data indicates, by waiting almost 20 years, you can pick up many of the most desirable Beanie Babies for 80% to 99% off their original prices. That means that now is the best time to buy Beanie Babies!

A Morally Dubious Guide to Celebrating Valentine's Day on the Cheap

Valentine's Day is just so expensive. Flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners, jewelry, and a greeting card?! It's too much! Fret not, as we've come up with ways to save money on Valentine's Day effluvia and what-nots. And only some of them are morally dubious!

The Best Time to Buy DVD & Blu-ray Box Sets

While some experts say that the days of physical media are numbered, there are still plenty of TV fans who prefer physical discs to streaming services or season pass downloads. But box sets of TV shows cost a pretty penny. That is, unless you know when the best time to buy a TV box set.

Amazon Black Friday Sale Preview: Bringing Competitor Doorbusters Online

Amazon has finally sent around a preview of its Black Friday Sale. Starting on Sunday, November 24 (that's a whole day earlier than last year), Amazon will post a new deal every 10 minutes for eight days straight. That's a lot of deals. But are any worth your time?

Black Friday Filler Deals Are the Worst!

We strive to ready our deal slingers with ample consumer ammo via our Black Friday ad analyses, but useless "filler deals" can still be hard to spot on the big day. In order to steer clear of such fluff, we've outlined a number of pointers that will help you identify the good from the bad, because not all that glitters is consumer gold.

The Latest Black Friday Ads, News, and Shopping Advice

Black Friday can be really overwhelming, but don't panic: Here at DealNews, we spend all year preparing for Black Friday so you don't have to. Our Black Friday hub is the only place you need to go for all the latest info. So get comfy and then get clicking, deal-seekers; you've come to the right place.

The PS4 and Xbox One Will Be Up to $50 Cheaper Next Year

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are right around the corner, so the obvious question is: When will we find a deal on these next-gen consoles? Unfortunately, the answer might not be what you want to hear, but your patience will pay off!

A Trip Down Black Friday Memory Lane: A Decade of Hilarious Deals

Acid-wash jeans, mullets, flared collars, Black Friday deals. These are all things that we once thought were so great back in the day, but now appear pretty silly. Join us, won't you, as we take a look back at several Black Friday deals of yesteryear. They are delightful in their quaint awfulness!

13 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

With all the 2013 Black Friday ad leaks and sneak peeks we've unearthed in the past few weeks, this season's shopping extravaganza is looking ripe with deals and discounts for all. But even though many product categories will see new all-time low prices, not everything will be at its lowest price. In fact, there are 13 items you definitely shouldn't buy on Black Friday.

When to Get the Best iPad Prices: Skip the iPad 2 and Get the iPad 4 for $399

Now that the latest iPad lineup details are confirmed, we're back to give shoppers another quick rundown of potential iPad deals. From shockingly cheap iPad minis to surprising discounts on the latest iPad Air, here's a look at what iPad prices to expect in the coming months.

When to Buy an iPad mini & How to Get a Deal on the iPad 5

October 22 is shaping up to be a busy day for Apple. Not only is the company expected to announce the new iPad mini 2, but rumors indicate we'll also witness the debut of the iPad 5. As with all Apple announcements, consumers should gear up for discounts on previous generation devices. But just how low will prices go, and when will we see deals on the new tablets?

The First Black Friday Ad Has Arrived! And It's for a... Snow Globe?!

Every year at DealNews, we wait eagerly to see what the first Black Friday ad may be. Last year, Sprint leaked an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This year, JCPenney kicks the season off with a teaser announcement about a titillating deal on a... snow globe?

Soon 3D TVs Will Cost the Same as Regular 55" HDTVs

Despite having been dismissed and overpriced, 55" 3D TVs are now enjoying a comeback and will soon cost as much, if not less, than their non-3D counterparts of the same size. With Black Friday approaching, you should keep an eye on a few specific 55" 3D TVs that we expect to see some of the best discounts.

Black Friday Predictions 2013: Our Methodology

The DealNews Black Friday Predictions come chock-full of information that will help you prepare for the shopping holiday. But you may be wondering where exactly all the price estimations and data points come from. Everything is in fact informed by up to three years of historical data based on deals listed on DealNews.

Despite Early Holiday Hype, December Is The Best Time to Buy Toys

Toys "R" Us recently released its Fabulous 15 list of the hottest toys for the holiday season. You may be tempted to get your kids' wish list completed early this Black Friday, but we tracked the deals on last year's Fabulous 15 to see when the toys hit their lowest prices of the season, and you could save money if you wait a bit longer.

Sushi Cost Analysis: Grocery Store Sushi Has More Fish Than Restaurant Sushi

We're keen on sushi lunches, but we realize that it's a pricey alternative to standard fast food fare. As such, we wondered where our dollar takes us when we're in the mood for Japanese-style seafood. How much fish are we actually consuming for all that coin? And furthermore, how much are we really saving if we opt to purchase our sushi from a supermarket versus a restaurant?

Don't Wait Until Black Friday! 9 Deals You Should Buy Now

October is a tricky month because we're so close to November — and the best Black Friday deals — that we can almost taste it. So for many product categories, you're better off waiting until next month to buy. But don't overlook October entirely! There are a handful of items that are actually better buys this month, and our October buying guide focuses on the things you should buy now, while offering some notes about what purchases are better left to Black Friday.

Black Friday Predictions 2013: What to Expect from Black Friday Sales

The best way to make the most of Black Friday savings is to be prepared. So we're kicking off the holidays early at dealnews with our sixth annual Black Friday deal predictions, compiled by our expert staff. If you're wondering how low big-screen HDTVs can go, how much you'll have to spend on a decent laptop, or whether you'll actually see a discount on an iPad, then you've come to the right place.

Black Friday Clothing and Shoes 2013: Best Coupons of the Year

One of the best trends we've seen in recent years is the growing prominence of Black Friday clothing sales. Apparel merchants at all ends of the fashion spectrum, from department stores to luxury boutiques, have begun to offer some of their best discounts of the year during shopping's biggest holiday.

Black Friday Video Games & Toys 2013: 50% to 83% off Games

While we're not predicting any write-home-about-it deals on the two new major video game consoles, shoppers can still score solid deals on previous generation gaming: Holiday console bundles will be marked up to 25% off and popular, recently-released video game titles will sell for as low as $10!

Black Friday Streaming Media Player and Blu-ray Deals 2013

Even though Roku and Apple TV can't compete with the price of Google's Chromecast, that doesn't mean there won't be some excellent sales on streaming devices this Black Friday. In fact, expect those top-of-the-line streamers to see discounts of up to 25% off. And if you're more of an old school media consumer, Blu-ray disc movies will again drop to as low as $4 this year.

Black Friday Tablets 2013: The Surface Will See the Best Deals

Tablets are once again the "it" item for the holidays, and new Android devices have flooded the market and chipped away at Apple's dominance. All this cutthroat competition has translated into better and faster deals for consumers. As such, there's bound to be some eye-catching Black Friday tablet deals this year.

Black Friday Phones 2013: Deals on Android and iPhone

Black Friday smartphone deals are calling! Will you answer the deal if it's 1 cent or free? How about for profit?! This year we are expecting to see an abundance of deals on Android smartphones, and maybe even a discount on the new Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple Black Friday 2013: Resellers Do it Better

You may think that the Apple Black Friday sale is the best time to purchase all things Apple, but the truth is that it's extremely mediocre. Year after year Apple offers the same predictable 5% to 10% off, which resellers handily beat. So where should you shop for your Apple gifts this year? As it turns out, anywhere but Apple.

Black Friday Laptops 2013: Doorbuster Deals for $170

2013 was a roller-coaster year for the laptop industry. While we saw the introduction of a new, energy-efficient processor from Intel, much of the year was overshadowed by weak laptop sales. And although many analysts are predicting the death of the laptop, we know that when it comes to productivity, the laptop is still king. And with laptop prices lower than they've ever been before, it's a buyer's market. But how far will your money and which systems will see the best laptop deals this Black Friday?

Black Friday TVs 2013: Big-Screen TV Deals Offer the Best Value

HDTVs are the highlight of most Black Friday sales, often causing deal-giddy shoppers to wake up at the crack of dawn for a chance to purchase one on the cheap. But this year, you can say goodbye to waiting in line for a Black Friday TV deal; they'll be available at price lows no matter where you shop. And with analysts predicting a resurgence in big-screen TV sales, this Black Friday is poised to be one of the best weeks for making the jump to a 55"+ HDTV.

Thanksgiving Day Will Top Black Friday for the Best Deals

It may seem early to start thinking about Black Friday shopping, but the season is nearly upon us. But are these pre-Black Friday sales as good as those on Black Friday itself? And by extension, when are the best days to shop for deals during the Black Friday season? We took a look at our Editors' Choice deals from the past two years to find out when exactly retailers release their best discounts during National Deal Week (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the following week of Cyber Monday) — and the results may be surprising.

VIDEO: What Do You Think About Amazon's eBook Matching Service?

Amazon unveiled its Kindle Matchbook service this week, which will allow shoppers to download eBook copies of hard copy books they already own, either for a small fee or for completely free. It'll even retroactively apply to books that were purchased as far back as 1995 — when Amazon first started selling books.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite May Go on Sale for the First Time Ever

Amazon announced its new Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader yesterday, which offers improved performance in many ways. But given the fact that many resellers still currently have the original model in-stock, could it be that we will finally see a deal on the Paperwhite?