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Happy Every Holiday: How to Celebrate the Whole Month of December

There's no denying that there are other holidays in December besides Christmas. A lot of other holidays, actually! Because we love festivities almost as much as we love bargains, we found 30 additional holidays you can celebrate this month.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 Cheers & Jeers: Sound Off on the Sales!

Everybody take a deep breath: Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come to an end. And so now — after we've caught up on sleep and Westworld — we're reflecting back on how the Black Friday 2016 season turned out. And some stores really surprised — but not always in a good way.

Amazon Prime Benefits You May Not Know About

Amazon Prime is more than just free two-day shipping. The membership program offers a growing number of perks — and if you use them all, you're definitely getting a deal. Here are added benefits you can get with Prime.

Best Buy Cyber Monday Is Now Live! Here Are the Top 10 Deals

Best Buy is one of the most popular stores for Cyber Monday electronics shopping. We've rounded up the top Best Buy Cyber Monday deals so far, as well as tips for what's still to come.

Amazon Cyber Monday Is Now Live! Here Are the Top 10 Deals

Amazon dominates the Cyber Monday season. Last year we saw more deals at this time from Amazon than from Target and Walmart combined! We're rounding up some of the best offers at Amazon, as well as some tips about how to shop the sale.

UPDATE: Target Cyber Monday Now Live With the BEST Discount of the Year!

The Target Cyber Monday sale is now live, and the store is once again offering its best sitewide discount of the year. Check out our list of the best Target Cyber Monday deals, or find tips on the ins and outs to this sale.

What to Expect From Walmart Cyber Monday Sales in 2016

Walmart is one of the most popular shops during the holiday season, but you'd be crazy to go there on Cyber Monday without a game plan. So we've put together a guide of what to expect from the Walmart Cyber Monday sale, including store hours, best deals, and more.

7 Ways Cyber Monday Is Different From Black Friday

It's easy for Cyber Monday to be overshadowed by Black Friday, but it shouldn't be. This online holiday often provides better savings, and more online sales. So what is Cyber Monday all about?

Apple Will Have a Black Friday Sale, but Is It Worth Shopping?

Apple recently announced its Black Friday sales event, but few details are available. Here's everything we know — including our verdict on whether you should even bother shopping this sale.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2016 Store Hours: Know When to Go!

Black Friday is right around the corner, and while we're staunch advocates for shopping online, there are some deals that will be in-store only. And if you're hunting for one such doorbuster, it's essential to know when stores will open.

Vote in Our Poll: What's the Best Black Friday Ad of 2016?

At this point, most of the important Black Friday ads are in, so we already know the big doorbusters of the season. And naturally, we're curious to know what our readers think!

What Is Small Business Saturday? How to Snag Deals on Local Goods

Wedged between the mega-shopping holidays, Small Business Saturday is a chance to get discounts on unique goods and support your local business community. Here's why you'll want to shop local this holiday season.

Hatchimals Are Sold Out Everywhere, But Walmart Will Have Them on Black Friday

Every year, as children the country over begin writing letters to Santa, there are always one or two toys that rise to the top of their wishlists. With supply unable to meet demand, such items soon become sparse. This year the most coveted of toys is called a Hatchimal — and because of its desirability, it might end up being the biggest Black Friday doorbuster of the year.

Let Gifs Explain Why Shopping In-Store on Black Friday Is a #Nope

Black Friday 2016 looms large on the horizon, and everywhere you look, folks are putting on their shopping game faces. But here at DealNews we're hard at work... rounding up our favorite gifs.

14 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday Like a Pro

Whether you're shopping in-store, online, or both, we've rounded up 14 expert strategies to ensure it goes smoothly, and you get the best deals. Read on to see when to start your planning, what you should have on hand, and even a few sneaky ways to snag extra savings.

You Won't Believe People Actually Wanted These Black Friday Doorbusters

Ah, the days when we believed Palm E bundles and Robosapiens were legit doorbusters. Join us as we travel back in time to make fun of the Black Friday deals of yesteryear. They're delightful in their quaint awfulness!

Will This Be the Last Time Thanksgiving Beats Black Friday for Deals?

It might surprise some, but Black Friday isn't the best day for deals anymore — it's Thanksgiving. See for yourself why you should avoid that post-turkey dinner nap and hit the sales on Thursday instead of waiting until Friday.

9 Ways Black Friday 2016 Will Be Different

What new products will be the hot doorbusters, and which stores have suffered in the last year? We've created a list of what to expect so that your shopping experience can be as smooth as possible.

10 Psychological Reasons Why We Go Bonkers for Black Friday

Shots of dopamine? Intense FOMO? A consumer scientist and a consumer psychologist shared some insights as to how and why Black Friday sales take advantage of our brains.

Best Buy Black Friday Ad Analysis: How About a $200 49" 4K TV?

Among the most anticipated Black Friday sales of the season, Best Buy is one of the places to find a TV deal. Yesterday we chose our top five picks from this year's 51-page ad, and now we're back with a deeper dive. Here's what you should be looking for at the Best Buy Black Friday sale.

Have You Fallen for the 12 Biggest Black Friday Myths?

Are all Black Friday deals worth it? Will you find the best prices online or in-store? And when can you expect the first sales to show up? We've tackled the biggest myths and answered your most burning questions in our list of the 12 most common Black Friday misconceptions.

10 Big Cyber Monday Myths — Busted!

Most of us know that Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving. But what about the other "facts" surrounding this shopping holiday? To bump up your knowledge, we present 10 Cyber Monday myths — and the truths they conceal.

Poll: Will the Outcome of the Presidential Election Affect Your Black Friday Spending?

The results of the election are in now, and we want to know if it will change your spending habits on Black Friday. Take our poll and let us know what you think.

The Black Friday Ads Are Coming! Prepare Yourself With Our 2016 Predictions

Black Friday ads for the top retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are due any day now. And when that happens, the Black Friday season is really going to pick up. Prepare yourself by revisiting our deal predictions so you know what prices you should seek out this year. And be sure to check out our Black Friday hub to see all the latest ads.

10 Awesome Travel Deals That Are for Locals Only

Why travel a long way if there's a popular tourist destination that's practically in your backyard? And if they offer discounts to state or local residents, that's even better. Check out these 10 impressive travel deals for locals only.

11 Tips for Keeping Your Credit and Cash Safe This Holiday Season

If there's one thing that will sink your holiday shopping list, it's having your credit card information — or your credit card itself — stolen. Let's review some sensible tips for shopping securely during the holidays, no matter where you're doing it.

Pay Low (or No) Sales Tax in These 6 States

If you live near your state's border, savings could be just a road trip away! Should you be looking to go duty-free (or close to it) on your next shopping trip, here are the six states with the lowest taxes on goods and services. Plus: which high-tax states to avoid.

Amazon's Pre-Black Friday Sale Will Have More Deals, But Not More Editors' Choice

Amazon revealed today that, like last year, it would be marking the days until Black Friday with its Countdown to Black Friday event. But are the deals worth counting on? We looked at the same period last year to figure out.

Will People Stop Shopping on Thanksgiving?

For the fourth year in a row, Black Friday wasn't the best day to shop during the Black Friday season. But stores are closing on Thanksgiving, and shoppers still disapprove of shopping on that day. Why do so few of us credit it as one of the best shopping days of the year?

Xiongmai Recalls Thousands of Webcams Following DDOS Attack

Following a recent DDOS attack that took its toll on popular services like Twitter and Spotify, the Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou Xiongmai has issued a product recall on some of its webcams and security cameras. Read on to find out why.

Poll: Will the Outcome of the Presidential Election Affect Your Black Friday Spending?

Some businesses are worried that the presidential election will affect consumer spending. Take our poll and let us know what you think.

Black Friday Streaming Device 2016: 4K Is More Competitive Than Ever

A flood of new devices in the fall of 2016 has changed up the field. See what we expect from streaming media devices this Black Friday.
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