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Black Friday Streaming & Blu-ray 2014: 80% Off Popular Movies

Cross some people off your Christmas list early this year by taking advantage of Black Friday's super cheap movies and streaming devices.
Black Friday movie deals

Black Friday Streaming Predictions 2014

With interest in cable cutting growing ever stronger, shoppers are increasingly looking for streaming media devices that allow them to cast movies, shows, and general videos to their big-screen TVs.

There are now myriad options available at various price points, and Black Friday will bring a wealth of discounts on them all. And for those of you who still prefer having the physical copy in-hand, we're also expecting amazing deals on Blu-ray movies as well. So what prices can you expect to pay?

Black Friday movie deals

20% to 25% Off High-End Streaming Devices

Typically, the mass market for higher-end streaming devices has hovered around the $99 retail price point. That's what the Apple TV, Roku 3, and Amazon Fire TV all cost in terms of MSRP. This Black Friday, fairly uniformly, these models will drop 20% to 25%.

That puts the Roku 3 at $79 and the Apple TV at $78; the latter might also be available at full-price with a $25 gift card, which may be a better overall value since a shopper will certainly have use for the card in terms of media purchases. (One of the rare instances where an Apple Store Black Friday deal might pay off.) Meanwhile, the Amazon Fire TV will be the cheapest of the top-end streamers, checking in at $75, from a reseller or even Amazon itself.

Sony also threw its hat into the streaming ring this summer when it announced its PSTV, but its debut will be too close to the big holiday to see any real discounts; at best, you might see a free subscription or download bundled in with your purchase.

Cheap Streaming Devices Might Require In-Store Pickup

If $75 to $80 is still too much for you to dish out this Black Friday, there will be two notable cheap options as well. The Roku 1 — which is admittedly a fairly old model at this point, but will get simple tasks like streaming Netflix, done — will fall to $35, or 30% off.

Your hands-down cheapest option to bring streaming to your TV however will be the Google Chromecast, as that little dongle will fall to $19. Keep in mind for both of these deals, however, that you might have commit to an in-store pickup option to avoid shipping costs that negate the value of the deal.

Blu-ray Movies for $4, or Up to 80% Off

While you might not be mentally prepared to start doing holiday shopping in November, here's a good reason to at least consider it: Black Friday week has more Blu-ray deals than any other week before Christmas, which means you can bag some serious savings on your holiday gifts if you shop early.

So what kind of savings are we looking at? Expect older Blu-ray movies — including ones you might actually want, but were released several years ago (classics, if you will) — for as low as $4 a pop. Meanwhile, newer titles that were released as recently as this summer and fall will see discounts of 60% to 80% off. This could include some of 2014's hottest releases, such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The LEGO Movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Godzilla. Just don't expect notable deals on the biggest hit of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy; it'll still be available for preorders only.

Shop on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

We already know that Black Friday week has more Blu-ray deals than any other week before the holidays, but what days should you focus on? It turns out, Thanksgiving is by far the best day for Blu-ray deals. That said, Cyber Monday features stronger deals on box set collections, so if you're looking for special edition items, they're more likely to be discounted on Monday.

Amazon is Tops for Blu-ray Deals

While many big-box retailers like Walmart will offer great discounts on Blu-ray movies, Amazon will offer the most — and, it'll feature the same deals that most other stores offer. That's because Amazon especially loves to price match its competitors for Blu-ray items; in fact, Amazon had the lowest price, or tied another store for the honor, for 67% off last year's Black Friday Blu-ray deals. However, keep in mind that these prices usually rely on free shipping via a Prime subscription, or with a minimum order of $35 or more.

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The Complete Black Friday Predictions

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