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Black Friday TVs 2016: This Is the Year to Buy a 4K TV

Expect startlingly low prices on TVs of all brands, resolutions, and sizes, from small 1080p sets to gigantic 4K screens.

Update: The big day is almost here, and we're already seeing Black Friday TV deals!

Click here to see our roundup of Black Friday TV deals you can buy now, or read our roundup of the top TV ads to see what's still to come.

Of all the items to go on sale during Black Friday, perhaps none are more anticipated — or greeted with as much fervor — as TVs. And with good reason! Retailers consistently drop television prices as a means to draw shoppers, and we routinely see the best offers of the year.

This year for our Black Friday predictions, we've created a "cheat sheet" with the top tips you need to know when shopping this season. For savvy consumers who want more information, scroll down for our in-depth analysis.

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The Cheat Sheet: Black Friday TV Predictions

Prices to Expect

  • 32" 720p/1080p
    Doorbuster: $100
    Average Price: $140

  • 39"/40" 1080p
    Doorbuster: $140
    Average Off-Brand Price: $170
    Average Brand-Name Price: $185

  • 39"/40" 4K
    Doorbuster: $230
    Average Off-Brand Price: $239
    Average Brand-Name Price: $435

  • 42"/43" 1080p
    Doorbuster: $120
    Average Off-Brand Price: $199
    Average Brand-Name Price: $225

  • 49"/50" 1080p
    Doorbuster: $215
    Average Off-Brand Price: $259
    Average Brand-Name Price: $309

  • 49"/50" 4K
    Doorbuster: $265
    Average Off-Brand Price: $265
    Average Brand-Name Price: $435

  • 55" 1080p
    Doorbuser: $219
    Average Off-Brand Price: $260
    Average Brand-Name Price: $405

  • 55" 4K
    Doorbuster: $315
    Average Off-Brand Price: $380
    Average Brand-Name Price: $559

  • 60" 1080p
    Doorbuster: $400
    Average Brand-Name Price: $589

  • 65" 4K
    Doorbuster: $459
    Average Off-Brand Price: $559
    Average Brand-Name Price: $1,025

  • 70" 1080p
    Doorbuster: $990
    Average Brand-Name Price: $1,045

Three Quick Tips You Need to Know

  • Didn't find the deal you wanted on Black Friday? Cyber Monday will see the most Editors' Choice deals.

  • Have realistic expectations. Don't count on getting a $150 50" 1080p HDTV, which sold out instantaneously at Amazon last year.

  • If you're shopping for a large TV, look for a deal that includes a gift card.

Want more details on how, what, where, and when to buy TV deals this Black Friday? Then check out our full analysis below.


When to Shop

Late November Is One Long, Great TV Sale

While Black Friday and the week leading up to it will contain its share of deals — in fact, we saw the most price lows that week last year — don't be afraid to wait until Cyber Monday if you don't find one to your liking. Last year we saw the most Editors' Choice deals fall on Cyber Monday, so there will still be plenty of great prices to be had.

Last year we saw the most Editors' Choice TV deals fall on Cyber Monday. (Keep your eyes peeled early though too.)

As such, if you know what features you'd like your new TV to have and what you'd realistically like to pay, you can wait until you find the right deal. (Setting up an email alert is always a good idea.)

While it's true that Black Friday week and Cyber Monday will feature the most deals, you should keep your eyes peeled in the weeks preceding. Last year, we saw a Black Friday-caliber deal (an all-time low on a 40" 1080p TV) on November 10.


What to Buy

This Will Be the Year of the 4K TV

We've seen the prices on 4K televisions fall at a steady clip in 2016, making affordable UHD TVs a reality. We expect to see prices on these TVs drop further during Black Friday to lows that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. Expect to see 4K doorbusters for as low as $230, while midsize UHD sets for less than $500 will be readily available. The lowest price tags will be on sets from off-brands like Seiki and Spectre.

Get a 42" Set for a Song

If your television needs are modest (or if you're shopping for a second TV), we recommend looking at the 42" 1080p sets. With shoppers now upgrading to 4K and/or a larger television, this once popular size will now come in at very affordable prices.

Last year we saw 42" doorbusters for as low as $153, and this year we expect them to be even cheaper — coming in around $120.

Last year we saw doorbusters as low as $153, and this year we expect them to be even cheaper — coming in around $120. On average, you should be able to snag an off-brand set for less than $200, while a name-brand will cost you another $25 or so.

Go Big or Go Bigger!

Where once large TVs came with price tags sized to match, big screens have become more affordable in recent years. Marketed as a go-to size, 55" televisions will be particularly easy on the wallet this year, with 1080p sets as low as $219 and 4K TVs busting doors at $315.

Similarly, 60" 1080p TVs will drop to $400 — for name-brand sets, no less! Off-brand 65" 4K TVs will go nearly as low, falling to $459. While 70" 1080p TVs will still put you back about a grand, that's a considerable decrease from last year.


Where to Shop

Big Boxes Will Offer Big Discounts

The best places to shop for TV deals shouldn't come as any surprise. Last year, we saw the most price lows at Walmart, with Best Buy and Target (which took up to 43% off TV prices the week of Black Friday), not far behind.

Also look for price lows from Newegg, hhgregg, and P.C. Richard and Son.

Check Dell Home if You're Buying a Lot

If you other have electronics on your shopping list, be sure to check out the deals from Dell Home, which frequently include gift cards of considerable value that may make it worthwhile to shell out a little more upfront.

What are you hoping to see with TV deals this year? Let us know in the comments, check out all our Black Friday predictions below, and don't forget to bookmark our Black Friday homepage for all the latest ads, deals, and analysis.

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Christina Martin
Hi i was wondering if these deals apply to Australia as well?
What about the higher end models ? I have seen no info about these models being discounted. Example models for Samsung would include the 55-65" KS8000, KS8500, KS9000 series.
Hello the chart is missing the prediction for 60" inch 4K tv's
Stephen Slaybaugh (DealNews)
Hi dtrudea-
With OLEDs being a fairly new development, we didn't see enough deals last year to make accurate predictions this year, particularly on the larger 65" models. Deals on these TVs are still fairly infrequent; we've seen only two deals on 65" OLED TVs in the past two months. The best price we've seen this year for a 65" OLED was $2,485. That's significantly less than the other deals we've seen, which are typically around $3,000. So there's a good chance that you'll see that price again during Black Friday. As for 55" models, I would expect to see them hit the low of $1,100 we saw in August.
What's the prediction on OLED? Thanks
Stephen Slaybaugh (DealNews)
Hi chocolatedeath-
From above:
65" 4K
Doorbuster: $459
Average Off-Brand Price: $559
Average Brand-Name Price: $1,025
Do you think there will be any largish 65inch or more 4k specials?
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