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The Extreme Prepper's Guide to Completely and Utterly Avoiding Black Friday

Black Friday is coming. Undertake these extreme measures to ensure you completely avoid it ... and survive!

Some people have convinced themselves that it'll never happen, that it's all hype. But Black Friday is coming ... and it's coming soon! Have you made plans for how you're going to survive a direct strike from Black Friday? The anti-consumerist, Buy-Nothing-Day believers with any hope of surviving Black Friday best enact some of the Black Friday preparations.

Get off the Grid

The primary way Black Friday will getcha is via electronic communications, specifically the internet and TV. It's no use waiting until Black Friday to cancel these services, though: the first signs of an impending Black Friday happen weeks ago! You have to be prepared. Rip out as many wires in your house / bunker / compound as you can. This should prevent Black Friday from electronically infiltrating your life.

All the News That's Unfit to Print

Black Friday propaganda can also sneak into your life in print form via the most innocuous of sources: the lowly newspaper. The quandary with canceling your paper delivery — outside of taking away your paperboy's livelihood — is that newsprint is the perfect medium to paste over your windows to black out any and all Black Friday happenings taking place in the outside world.

Alternative Food Sources

We're not talking about vegan pancakes here. We're talking about making preparations to fend for yourself once Black Friday hits. Once cut off from major supermarkets (which you are avoiding because of the Black Friday madness in the surrounding strip mall), will you be able to provide food for your family? Learning how to hunt, skin, and dress wild animals is probably the easiest way to feed your family once supermarkets are no longer an option. Starting a garden with a variety of vegetables and fruits can also go a long way in tiding you over during a Black Friday crisis. If you're scared of dirt, you can even try aquaponics as a way of growing plants without soil. The added benefit is that you can look down on regular, soil-based farmers ... that is if any others make it through Black Friday alive.

As a backup, or to ease the transition into a self-sustaining food-production habit, you should also stock up on some dehydrated food and water. Just don't count on it lasting you for the full duration of Black Friday, because when it hits it won't just be one day — it could last up to a week, if early reports are any indication. You don't want to find yourself in the car headed to a populated area (Arbys) just because you didn't prepare enough meals. The good news is that most regular American families should have enough leftovers from the previous-day's Thanksgiving festivities to be OK, but are you willing to take that chance?

Put All Your Money into Soil

So far we've helped you plan against a Black Friday attack from external forces, but what about internal ones? What about that voice in your head that says, "C'mon! How bad could it be? Let's just go take a peek!" Avoid temptation by removing the means to participate. Put all your cash and credit cards in a waterproof tube (you can make one from PVC piping really easily, for just a couple of bucks) and bury them in the backyard. If you have to literally "dig up some money" before you can go out for Black Friday, it makes a last-minute breakdown of willpower that much easier to avoid.

Be sure you give all precious metals and jewelry you have lying around the house the same treatment. Gold coins, silver bars, even semi-precious stones may all become legal tender once society collapses into a Black Friday frenzy. Bury it all — and deep. The deeper it is, the less tempted you'll be to dig it up and buy a TV.

However, do keep a small amount of cash on hand, just in case there's a really great deal on survivalist gear at the local sporting goods shop. Drat! Ignore that last piece of advice.

Hunker in a Bunker

The best protection from Black Friday radiation is a shielded underground bunker. It helps if there is an abandoned missile silo nearby that you can convert into a safe, secure place for you and your family. Barring that, any old cold-war-era bomb shelter will do just fine, too. However, we fear that if you have not already built a bunker by this point, it might be too late to do so. Unless you act fast, your family is going to have to make do surviving Black Friday above ground in a normal, old house.

Have an Escape Plan

In case Black Friday does find a way into your life, be sure you're ready to "bug out" at the first indications of trouble (hearing a news report about long lines; or catching a radio advertisement that mentions a "one day only sale," for example). Be sure you've secured a secondary location to relocate you and your family to if it comes to that. A remote cabin is preferred, but a Motel 6 should be just fine.

In the end, no amount of preparation can stop Black Friday from happening. All you can do is grab your family, some dehydrated rations, hunker down in your bunker, and just pray you'll survive this year's onslaught of Black Friday sales! If you think we're being alarmist or if you think that a Black Friday can never happen in our lifetimes then think again! It's real and it's coming. We're not crazy ... we think.

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